Why the Left Are Going to Get Stupider and Stupider

Why the Left Are Going to Get Stupider and Stupider. By Edward Dutton, an academic who does psychometric research.

Currently, among people with IQs over 100, liberals outnumber conservatives by two to one. Within fifty years this will have flipped the other way, back to how it was in the Victorian era. The flip to conservative will start in the elites and move down the IQ ladder, and is already happening.

Woke is in many respects a movement by the less able against meritocracy — with woke numbers being predominately the not-so-able, gunning for the jobs of the more able. Alleged victimhood status is replacing ability as the main reason for appointment. The average IQ on the left is slipping fast.

Perhaps this is why the Democratic leadership in the US is so old — Chuck Schumer is the baby of the bunch, at a mere 71. The younger, post 1960s left aren’t smart enough to replace them. Then, age-wise, there are no prospective Democrats of national stature and profile until we get to the noticeably stupid and very woke AOC.

Meanwhile the older Republican leaders are pathetically inept, but there is a strong clique of younger leaders, led by 43-year old Ron DeSantis.