Epic Rant About the Gang of Weasels and the Last Two Years

Epic Rant About the Gang of Weasels and the Last Two Years. By Bob Moriarty.

The world is in an epic battle between the forces of evil represented by the Gang of Weasels, led by Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, George Soros, all of the Davos clowns, the MSM and the Young Global Leaders on one side and the 99% yearning for freedom from unlimited government on the other.

The battle has been planned and in progress for many years. The Gang of Weasels want you to believe that all you need to do to change the climate is to increase taxes and hand the money to them.

Overthrowing Trump:

Klaus Schwab and his minions were the driving factor behind the BLM and ANTIFA riots. We were treated to videos with a breathless reporter standing in front of a burning building talking about “a mostly peaceful protest”.

The riots from the “mostly peaceful protest” cost over two billion dollars and resulted in the deaths of twenty-five people. The American people owe a vote of thanks to George Soros and the WEF. The purpose was to overthrow a popular president and when the most corrupt election in US history ended picking the opposition candidate, the riots went away overnight.


The entire Covid bullshit story was a deliberate invention. Moderna patented part of the virus DNA three years before Covid got a name. Fauci and the US paid for the Gain of Function done at the Wuhan lab before the virus either escaped or was deliberately released. It was a bad flu. Even the CDC admitted two cheap and effective safe drugs in common use could have cured it [ivermectin and HCQ]. They did that in April of 2020.

The lockdowns created far more hardship but the bad flu didn’t care. The masks didn’t work. Dr. “Follow the Science” Fauci came up with five different and conflicting rules for wearing masks. Which of the five ways was “Following the Science?” Then he lied in sworn testimony to Congress about the gain of function.

Social Distancing changed nothing. Shutting down the economy had no effect on the virus but the Gang of Weasels kept telling the world through their MSM mouthpieces that they were winning.

Finally the barely tested “vaccines” arrived and the Gang of Weasels began the clamor for everyone to take the jab even though the companies making the “vaccines” knew all about all of the deadly effects. The EUA required by law was always illegal because the CDC knew and hid the fact that two different drugs were more effective.

The entire purpose of the Covid mass hysteria was to get a worldwide “vaccine” passport that is nothing but a mass ID plan so the Gang of Weasels can seize financial assets from the 99% once they wake up and start to complain.

Insurance companies and pathologists began reporting that something deadly was killing people. Excess deaths are up 40% in the 18-65 age group and autopsies are showing bizarre blood behavior in those who had taken the jab.

Due to technological change, humanity must choose its future now:

In the book “The Fourth Turning” written in 1997 the authors predicted a Crisis Stage starting about 2005 where either tyranny ensues or the public wakes up and begins to demand freedom.

In any revolution most of the masses stand aside to see who will determine their future. In the just now starting worldwide revolution perhaps ten to fifteen percent of people care enough about freedom to fight for it. The counter-revolution seems to have begun in Canada with totally peaceful protests from Canadian truck drivers. In Canada the only time anyone riots is after an ice hockey game.

The truck drivers crossing Canada to land in Ottawa in front of their Parliament was a sight to see with thousands of ordinary citizens standing on overpasses cheering and waving giant Canadian flags as the truckers passed. Anyone who actually wanted to understand what the issues were only had to watch Trudeau speaking in Parliament and watching the protest outside.

They control your money, so they control you?

According to Trudeau the protestors were evil and the worst people in the world who wanted to overthrow the government. It was interesting to me that during pretty much a month, not a single legislator went outside to talk to the protestors as if talking to them would somehow validate their cause. The legislature was entirely tone deaf and finally Trudeau, at the suggestion of his master in the WEF evoked The Emergencies Act of Canada, similar in form and function to The Enabling Act passed in Germany in March of 1933 giving total control to the government.

Another WEF puppet in the form of Chrystia Freeland, the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada promptly told the banks to seize the accounts of all of those who contributed to support the truckers. People who had contributed as little as $50 found their accounts closed and the money stolen by the government. This of course has always been the intent of Klaus Schwab and the WEF to gain total control of an economy. Bear in mind that when the person behind the $50 donation made it, protests were perfectly legal in Canada and the donation was perfectly legal.

Those elites who have never held a real job or worked for a living or created anything of value via a business not only believe they are better and smarter than the rest of the 99% but far more powerful.

Not if you don’t leave your money in their banking system:

Chrystia Freeland discovered much to her dismay that she didn’t have the power that she thought she had. The remaining people who had made donations beat it to the bank and withdraw their money and transferred their accounts before the government could steal it. That of course caused the entire Canadian banking system to freeze.

If you have a cat and it claws you, you have the power to take said feline and hurl it against the wall but power is only useful when used in moderation. Trudeau and Freeland found out the hard way the limits of power and after being informed that Canada was about to shut the doors on a permanent basis because of their stupidity, they promptly backtracked.

Bating the bear:

Covid and the truckers had their day and the WEF needed a new chapter of fear porn. So the US and Nato pushed Ukraine into attacking Donbass secure in the belief the US had their backs. Of course Nato and the US are willing to fight Russia in Ukraine to the last drop of Ukrainian blood. Putin responded by repeating again and again that attacks on Donbass, Ukrainian nuclear weapons and Ukraine joining Nato were all lines in the sand that he would not tolerate them crossing. But the WEF and the neocons in Washington were determined to have their little war with Russia.

Wars are easy to start and hard to finish. No one ever wins any war; all that happens is that one side loses more than the other.

We have that war now that the US and Nato began. A stalemate will guarantee a nuclear exchange. Russia will not be defeated.

The US is in an interesting position with the weakest leadership in US history. The president is senile and should be at home in front of a fire counting the money he was paid in bribes from Ukraine through his crack head son. The VP shows the ultimate result of selecting people for positions strictly on the basis of sex and being a minority. …

World diplomacy has morphed into what is little more than mass mob hysteria with the Pope, Switzerland and most of the world treating this war as if it is some minor football match where you dress up in the jersey of your favorite star. How on earth did Switzerland come to the conclusion they needed to speak up on behalf of the Nazis in Ukraine? They didn’t speak up for Iraq, or Afghanistan or Iran or Syria.

[Probably because they weren’t attempts at annexation, or imperial grabs for territory. They were merely regime changes by the right people.]

The sanctions laid on Russia for daring to do what they said they would do to defend their country and their citizens … are going to blow up the entire debt based paper economy since individuals no longer actually own their assets. The government can steal them at any time for any reason.

So it’s all about money now. The global ruling class — personified by Klaus Schwab and his WEF, the Davos crowd — are playing their big card: they control the banking system, and thus your finances.

But is this really all they have? Their money system is corrupt and breaking under the weight of excessive debt and ridiculously low interest rates anyway. Weaponizing it just motivates the rest of us to get out from under it.

For example, when Trudeau started seizing the bank accounts of the Canadian deplorables, the exodus from the Canadian banks froze the system and they had to reverse course:

I was there in the trenches and my sweet Beryl, teller at the CIBC [big Canadian bank], was shell shocked. She’d never seen that much money go out the door. I live in a very upper middle class/rich neighbourhood and people were walking in and demanding 20K or 50K and their USD. It was awesome and it scared the shit out of the banks. Accounts were being closed, investment accounts moved, RSPs transferred. ,,,

I wanted to pull USD from my USD account. The branch had to order the cash. Fair ball. But poor Beryl had to go four days with “Well, things are slow at the cash place.” “Covid, they are short staffed.”

I love Beryl. I had to tell her I would be “annoyed” if the cash did not get in next business day. It did. So I was able to tell Beryl I was delighted and would not have to parade in front of the bank with my sign, “Where’s my money?”

She was relieved.

A lot of Canadians drained their accounts or closed them altogether. It was quiet but it was very, very, effective.

Now their financial sanctions against Russia are likewise going to prove too expensive and backfire. Obviously they hit Russians — they’ve already cleared out the supermarket shelves in Siberia:

But have you seen petrol/gas prices recently? They will drive half the world away from the USD and the western banking system.

Weaponizing the world’s money system for political ends was a step too far. The cat’s out of the bag now. Hardly anyone can trust the financial system anymore, for fear that they somehow fall into political disfavor with Klaus’ gang.