Why suppress early safe treatments for Covid? Here’s $89 billion reasons

Why suppress early safe treatments for Covid? Here’s $89 billion reasons. By Joanne Nova.

Maybe it’s an accident that every answer is “Vaccines”? Or maybe not.

People are asking why early safe cheap treatments could have been suppressed. After all, people are dying.

A better question is to ask how could any cheap alternative treatment ever be selected? The money-pot on offer is so stupendously, fantastically big, it can buy small nations. And the cheap drugs don’t just compete with it, they obliterate it.

In the current system, legally, the FDA can’t give EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) for any vaccine if there is a safe useful alternative. The EUA approval is simply extinguished by any treatment that works. Therefore billions of dollars in profits depends on making sure there are no cheap safe alternatives.

Why vaccines are the only answer

It’s not a question of whether Big Pharma are pulling levers to crush cheap drugs. With billions at stake, Pfizer and other companies would be crazy, nutso, bonkers, and doing their shareholders a disservice if they did not lobby, cajole, scare, smear and call in all their favours to make sure there would never be a cheap safe alternative.

The Covid vaccine was worth $24b to Pfizer this year alone … And Pfizer said it expects a total of $36 billion from the vaccine for all of 2021 … It said based on contracts it now has signed it expects revenue $29 billion from the Covid vaccine in 2022. …


Millions of people have died in the West that could have been saved if our government run agencies were serving The People instead of Big-Pharma.

Billions of dollars has been burnt in long lockdowns that ten dollars worth of Ivermectin, Vitamin D3, A, C, B6 and antihistamines, nasal sprays, and mouthwashes could have avoided. …

Mass media journalists jumped to “Vax The Nation” and [did] not report the obvious conflicts of interests, the alternative treatments, or give a voice to the few brave doctors who have been sacked.

What’s obscene is that our Minister of Health, our Prime Minister, and Presidents everywhere unquestioningly obeyed the captured committees and incompetent Chief Health Officers who turned vaccines into a religion and signed secret contracts with multinational corporate giants that are well known to sacrifice lives for profits.

The greatest scandal of our lifetimes is here, and it’s the deep dark Medical Swamp, hidden in plain view and killing people we love. It bans wonder drugs, pours scorn on vitamins, denies doctors the training and choice to use the best treatments they know of, and generates massive profits for companies that used government funds yet avoid any legal liability and transparency.

Suppressing the alternatives to vaccines:

People deficient in Vitamin D3 are 14 times more likely to get severe Covid. Why aren’t the Health Departments telling us all to get our D3 measured and why don’t they hand out free samples at every corner chemist?  Vit D3 reduced hospital deaths in Turkey by 60%. Most of the sickest Covid patients in Spain were deficient in Vit A. And 42% were deficient in B6, which helps reduce cytokine storms. Think that’s an “accident”?

Melatonin reduces deaths by maybe 90%, good old antihistamines  saved nursing home patients, Iota-carageenan nasal sprays reduced infections by 80%, Mouthwashes reduce covid deaths by 80%. Asthma drug Budesonide reduces Covid hospitalization rate by 90%. Even cough syrup with Bromhexine might help.

Indonesia cut Covid by 98% with Ivermectin while Australia grew cases 500% with Lock-n-Vax,   Uttar Pradesh, India, wiped out Covid with ivermectin. In Peru, Ivermectin cut covid deaths by 75% in 6 weeks. The virus mysteriously disappeared in Japan. Can’t we copy them? Meanwhile countries that use hydroxychloroquine appear to have 80% lower Covid death rates. Maybe that matters?

If the Health Dept cared about health, if hospitalization rates were important at all, they’d be acting differently.

hat-tip Chris