Global cooling started in 2016

Global cooling started in 2016. By David Evans. I updated my global temperature graphs last night:

Satellites, to and including Nov 2021:

Surface thermometers, to and including Sep 2021:

Notice that the temperature peaked in early 2016, and seems to be in a mild downtrend since then.

In 2015 I predicted that global warming would turn to global cooling in 2017, give or take a year or so, for a decade or more. So far so good.

This prediction is based on the relationship between solar activity and global temperature observed in the frequency domain, which nobody in climate world seems to understand because the math is unfamiliar to them. Much of modern telecommunications technology (e.g. your smartphone) is based on that sort of maths. I did my PhD in such maths.

Notice also that the cheating surface thermometers “recorded” a lot more global warming than the UAH satellite record, which is the only honest record.

Meanwhile, here are plenty of signs of cooling if you keep a look out:

Not that your mainstream media will let you think there might be global cooling.

Give it a decade. We shall see.

UPDATE: From David Archibald (who also foresaw global cooling from around the same period):

This shows that solar activity has been falling with each solar cycle since the peak in the late 20th century. (A solar cycle lasts about 11 years on average.)