At last! Some data on vaccine cardiac problems — from Scotland

At last! Some data on vaccine cardiac problems — from Scotland. By David Evans.

This graph shows the deviation from the normal for Scotland:

This suggests an average of about 200 cases per week for about 8 months, or about 8,000 excess cardiac attendances. In a population of 5.5 million, 80% vaxxed, this is roughly 0.2% of the vaxxed being hauled off in an ambulance with heart problems.

The authorities are blaming “post-pandemic stress disorder”, and there might even be other reasons. But on the face of it, the vaccines are causing serious heart problems in 0.2%, and presumably lesser problems not requiring an ambulance in a few percent of the vaxxed.

Sue Donnem:

They KNOW the implications. Where the confusion lies is people thinking they wouldn’t be used as collateral damage/these institutions care about them. They don’t care who lives or dies. Never have. You only have to look across the world and throughout history to see that.

That would account for the large number of anecdotes.