Are You Ready To Be An American Kulak?

Are You Ready To Be An American Kulak? By Darren Beattie at Revolver.

Anybody with a brain today isn’t taking America’s rulers at their word. It is obvious, and has been for many years now, that there is no spirit of “fairness” or “anti-racism” in the heart of their ideology. Instead, the spirit at the heart of America’s leadership is bitter, envious, resentful, hateful.

Who is it hateful toward? You know who. The modern American regime is built on explicit, institutionalized hostility to the people who most resemble the great Americans of the past. It is anti-white, anti-male, anti-Christian, anti-rural, and anti-middle class. The more of these traits a person has, the more worthy of hate they become. The more the Globalist American Empire decays and squanders the inheritance it was given, the more bile and hatred it directs against those who symbolize what came before.

Most German Jews didn’t see it coming in the 1930s either:

But those on the receiving end of this new discriminatory regime may not appreciate its full scope or the ultimate fate that the Globalist American Empire has planned for them. They may see recent anti-white animus as a temporary spell, or a limited affair that can be waited out.

They are wrong. America’s shrinking white middle class are the target of an ever-intensifying cycle, whose mechanics are ripped straight from another oppressive regime, the Soviet Union of the 1920s and 30s.

The white American middle class have become America’s kulaks — blamed for every problem, vilified for every success, and deserving of every punishment. Their destruction has become a fundamental goal of American political life. …

In communist Russia, a “kulak” was whoever the communist regime didn’t like:

The consequences of being a kulak were lethal, as shown by Lenin’s “Hanging Order” of 1918:

Comrades! The revolt by the five kulak volost’s must be suppressed without mercy. The interest of the entire revolution demands this, because we have now before us our final decisive battle with the kulaks. We need to set an example.

1) You need to hang (hang without fail, so that the public sees) at least 100 notorious kulaks, the rich, and the bloodsuckers.
2) Publish their names.
3) Take away all of their grain.
4) Execute the hostages – in accordance with yesterday’s telegram.

This needs to be accomplished in such a way, that people for hundreds of miles around will see, tremble, know and scream out: let’s choke and strangle those blood-sucking kulaks.

Telegraph us acknowledging receipt and execution of this.

Yours, Lenin

P.S. Use your toughest people for this.


An important component of de-kulakization is that the kulaks were a scapegoat. From the beginning they were an easy target; envy of the haves by the have-nots is a constant of all human history, and in Communism’s case was foundational to its whole worldview.

But Communism didn’t work, so the core ideas of the USSR were fundamentally impossible. When harvests, industrial output, and overall growth failed to meet the Communist Party’s lofty promises, this led to even more hatred heaped on the kulaks. The kulaks were a living, humiliating embodiment of the system’s failure: Peasants who succeeded based on their own abilities and not as a collective achievement of socialist will.

Are you a kulak? Like other trends in western politics this will spread from the US, so don’t be too smug if you’re Australian:

And so it is again, today. Who is the American kulak? Like in the USSR, the definition is loose and ever-expanding. Some of the traits that push one toward kulakdom are obvious: Superficial markers like being white and male. But other kulak traits are less immediately obvious. They are the social markers of kulakdom: Being a small business owner, being the married parent of young children, being a heritage American descended from those who sailed on the Mayflower, signed the Declaration of Independence, or fought in the Civil War.

Like the Russian kulaks, American kulaks represent the national hinterland. They are physically and politically remote from any center of real power, yet vilified as the source of all the nation’s problems. Unlike the Russian kulak, American kulakdom is racialized: To be a white is to be a kulak, unless one is admitted to a narrow band of the elect. But it is not exclusively whites who are kulaks. Just as in Russia a poor peasant who aggravated the regime was swiftly branded a kulak, a non-white who makes too much common cause with “white” priorities will also be a kulak.

The American kulak, whatever his color, is a person who understands the great country that America was. They are a person who expects and demands safe streets, effective infrastructure, and quality public schools, and who helped create and perpetuate those things in the past.

The American kulak is a person who remembers and longs for a country that didn’t hate its own people, its own heroes, its own history. The American kulak is a person who believes in all those mundane traits that CRT handouts describe as facets of “white supremacy.”

The National Museum of African American History & Culture identified the kulaks:

What does the future hold for western kulaks?

Obviously, it’s not entirely clear that America’s regime is plotting the literal extermination of the kulaks (though they don’t care much if they fall victim to “mostly peaceful” protests). Rather, the important parallel with the Soviet case is this: America’s kulak class are the only acceptable villains of American society. …

At this point, it is routine and casual for the press, the academy, entertainment, and the government itself to stoke fear, envy, and hatred for white middle-class Americans. They are the villain caste of American life. It is impossible for kulak-Americans to enjoy any advantage over any other group of Americans, and not have that advantage attributed to racism, greed, genocide, and generational theft. …

What’s a good way to administer collective punishment to the kulaks? Obviously, “reparations” paid out to every group except them is one way. But another, more blunt instrument is simply denying medical care on the basis of race, which is already happening around the country. …

Just don’t notice the economic privilege of the new ruling class of bureaucrats and those who benefit from their rules and regulations, like say the owner of The Washington Post:

In September, The Atlantic published an article titled “American Gentry.” The article’s message, in short, is to forget about America’s billionaire class or the incompetent power elites of Washington D.C. or New York. No, the real focus of animosity should be local small business owners, who are, of course, “mostly white.” …

Some of the tells of kulak-hatred are subtle: For the past year, the Associated Press, The New York Times, and countless other press outlets have been capitalizing every race except white. According to the AP, this change was explicitly made because whites have no “shared history” and never face discrimination based on skin color….

Destroying the kulaks:

The most obvious anti-kulak measure of all, though, is the permanent Camp of the Saints at the U.S. border, whose obvious purpose is to wash away the kulak class’s demographic importance beneath a tide of poorer, more pliant recent immigrants.

Why must the American kulaks be destroyed? Because, fundamentally, they are an obstacle. An obstacle to everything.

American small businesses run lean operations, which cannot hand fat sinecures to useless, obese Diversity, Inclusion, Equity commissars. They have far more to fear from rioting, looting, shoplifting, and general mayhem; their work is in the real world rather than cyberspace, and if their place of business is burned or plundered, they don’t have a thousand others locations to pick up the slack.

Their belief in merit and work stands in the way of a society where wealth is doled out based on birth and class. Their basic goodness and worthiness is what renders the demands of worthless, hateful Bioleninist freak shows so pathetic and risible. Their ability to recognize and appreciate fine things in life, whether it’s meat or living space or a personal vehicle, stands in the way of the campaign to reduce Americans to atomized bugmen living in pods and eating crickets. …

Relying on reality to show you are right will not suffice:

American kulaks must realize that the hatred brought against them will not dissipate as the ruling elite’s policies fail. Instead, hatred will intensify, as every year of failure simply shows that America’s bedrock of white male privilege is deeper and more pervasive than previously imagined. New angles of attack will be found, and new discriminatory laws imposed, to deny the kulak opportunity, to make him poorer and more atomized and more addicted.

The American kulak must realize that this struggle can only end in two ways. Either the regime that hates him will be torn down completely — or he will be destroyed.

What are you going to do about it?