Further Results of the UK Vaccination Experiment

Further Results of the UK Vaccination Experiment. By David Archibald.

Statistics out of the UK point to the vaccines killing people at a great rate. From this site:

Figure 1: UK weekly deaths due to covid

The vaccinated started off with a lower death rate, as expected, but then settled down to a rate equal to the unvaccinated.  That is true of the last data point also.

Note that these are rates per 100,000, so they are not affected by the absolute numbers of vaccinated and unvaccinated, only by the proportions of various people (such as the very old or obese) in each category.

After the three month honeymoon, vaccination had little effect on death rates due to covid.

But check out deaths from all causes:

Figure 2: UK weekly deaths due to all causes

Whoa. From about April, the death rate of the vaccinated rose to peak at the rate of the unvaccinated from the peak in February. Most of these would have been due to heart attacks and similar cardiac events. …

It is evident that the vaccines are killing people at a far greater rate than if they had remained unvaccinated.

This might have be due to some unusual characteristic of the people who have chosen to be vaxxed, but since most people in Britain are vaccinated this hardly seems like an explanation (88% of over-12s have had a first dose, 80% of over-12s have had both doses, by mid November).

Perhaps the vaccinated behave differently and take wild risks?

Or perhaps there is something about the vaccines that is killing people?

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the bureaucracy to explain this, or for the media to bring it to your attention.

David’s conclusion:

The UK vaccination experiment has failed. There is no need to repeat it in Australia.

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