Further Results of the UK Vaccination Experiment

Further Results of the UK Vaccination Experiment

by David Archibald

22 November 2021


Recently the Premier of Western Australia wondered why emergency departments in the state’s hospitals are being overloaded. This is happening in the rest of the country’s hospitals as well, even though the virus is yet to let rip in the country.

Statistics out of the UK point to the vaccines killing people at a great rate. From this site:


Figure 1: UK weekly deaths due to covid


The vaccinated started off with a lower death rate, as expected, but then settled down to a rate equal to the unvaccinated.  That is true of the last data point also.


Figure 2: UK weekly deaths due to all causes


Whoa. From about April, the death rate of the vaccinated rose to peak at the rate of the unvaccinated from the peak in February. Most of these would have been due to heart attacks and similar cardiac events.


Figure 3: UK weekly deaths in the unvaccinated


Figure 3 suggests that the normal death rate is 20 souls per 100,000 head of population per week.


Figure 4: UK weekly deaths in the vaccinated


It is evident that the vaccines are killing people at a far greater rate than if they had remained unvaccinated.


Figure 5: Increase in the covid infection rate of the vaccinated relative to the unvaccinated, age group from 30 to 80


One strange effect of the vaccines is that they make the age group from about 40 to 70 far more likely to be infected with covid relative to the unvaccinated, reversing what vaccines are supposed to do. Somehow immune system suppression is interacting with human physiology. The good news for those duped or coerced into being vaccinated is that the effect seems to have peaked in the UK with Week 46 being lower than Week 44.


The UK vaccination experiment has failed. There is no need to repeat it in Australia.


David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia.