Will Biden Last the Week?

Will Biden Last the Week? Ok, that’s probably alarmist, but it looks as though the swamp and the usual panoply of Democrat institutions are gearing up to replace Biden. The 25th amendment may be invoked, and President Harris will soon be a reality.

The timing is hard to gauge from what has leaked out into the open. But once a decision has been reached, the damage is minimized by executing it as soon as possible. So the change might come suddenly and with little warning.

Paul Mirengoff’s friend:

The New York Times has turned against Joe Biden on Afghanistan. For the last two days, it has covered for him. With only brief, passing mentions, the Times has suppressed the issue of American citizens trapped in Afghanistan.

Today, that is all changed. Not only is the issue of getting Americans out mentioned, the headline article in the print edition is: “Despair in Kabul Undercuts Biden on Rescue Effort: President Goes on Defensive as Criticism of U.S. Evacuation Grows Louder.”

Lower down on the front page is a devastating news analysis article by Peter Baker … The analysis itself is unsurprising in content, although it adds pointed criticisms from Leon Pannetta and David Axelrod, which is extraordinary. For the most part, however, the Times just points out the various lies/contradictions constantly highlighted by Fox News.

The extraordinary thing is that the NYT is doing this, rather than suppressing it. It runs a fact check article exposing and disputing Biden’s various lies and misrepresentations.

When you’ve lost the New York Times. . . .

Likewise CNN has turned on Biden. The botched Afghan withdrawal is the only issue they have criticized him for, since the moment he became the Democrat candidate frontrunner. CNN are the lead propaganda machine for the left, so this is very significant.

Roger Kimball on the gaping discrepancies between the President’s public statements and reality:

“I’m having a hard time digesting what we heard,” [said Jen Griffen of Fox News, about Joe Biden’s brief remarks on Friday regarding Afghanistan], “because I couldn’t fact-check it fast enough in real-time because there were so many misrepresentations of what is happening on the ground.”

Bottom line: “This was just an alternate reality that was presented to us from the White House.”

I presume what she had in mind were statements by Biden like this: “We know of no instance where the Taliban are not letting our citizens through the checkpoints freely.”

Or, in response to a question from the Associated Press, that he has seen “no question of our credibility from our allies around the world.”

The problem is, of course, the wondrous world of instant communications. We have all seen these videos of the Taliban manhandling the crowds outside the gates of the airport, not to mention the scads of anxious reports from people trapped in their homes, awaiting a knock on the door from the Taliban, and news reports of the condemnation of the Biden Administration by the British Parliament. …

For the last week, chaos has ruled, notwithstanding Biden’s assurance on July 8 that the (supposedly) 300,000-man-strong Afghan army was among the best equipped and trained in the world and would be able to handle the 75,000-man-strong Taliban

Is he just confused, or is he being misinformed by his staff?

Tucker Carlson on how the President’s staff are contradicting him in public, which normally never, ever occurs:

It’s clear if you watch closely that things are changing very fast in Washington. The people around Biden are moving away from him, in ways that are not subtle.

Why is this happening now? Was it always the plan? Did the party that hates white guys finally realize it was being led by one? Again, we don’t know the answer. But the signs are everywhere, and they’re strikingly obvious.

Some of Biden’s most senior appointees are contradicting him in public. If you cover politics, it’s shocking to see that. This is a violation of the first and most ruthlessly enforced rule in any White House: Don’t diminish the boss.

But suddenly they’re doing just that, and they’re doing it openly. Just hours after Joe Biden assured us that things were fine in Afghanistan, for example, Lloyd Austin, his defense secretary, described the situation there as a disaster. And then Austin repeated it, for emphasis. Others are doing the same thing. Biden this afternoon told us that American citizens are having no trouble getting to the airport in Kabul … But just an hour later, the Pentagon spokesman told us that’s not true. Actually, Americans are being beaten in Kabul …



In a normal administration, with a president who planned on serving out his full four-year term, what you just saw would qualify as a kind of scandal. The Pentagon spokesman would be in serious trouble. He just contradicted his boss, the man who’s supposed to be in control of the entire executive branch of government. But, as we noted, things are changing very fast. It happened again. Biden today told us that al Qaeda has been driven from Afghanistan…

Just an hour after he said that, the President of the United States is contradicted in public by his own employee, once again the Pentagon spokesman … The top spokesman for the most powerful agency in government informing us that the President of the United States has no idea what he’s talking about. You don’t see that every day. In fact, you never see it.

But it’s not just Biden’s employees who appear to be turning on him in public. So are some of his political allies. The neocons — liberals who used the Republican Party for their own purposes for decades, before abandoning it when Trump arrived — are now attacking Joe Biden openly and very aggressively. That didn’t take long. But most telling of all is this, from CNN.

CLARISSA WARD: “It is just an absolute mess. And we heard President Biden say yesterday in his comments to ABC News that this is not a failure. And I think a lot of people outside that airport, particularly those taking the kinds of extreme actions we’re just talking about, would like to know: if this isn’t failure, what does failure look like exactly?”

So, Joe Biden failed. And he’s lying about it. That’s what CNN said. It’s hard to overstate the significance of that. CNN is not a news network. It’s a political organization. Its anchors and reporters don’t decide for themselves what to say on camera. They’re told, in highly specific terms, every weekday morning on a call with their commander, Jeff Zucker. …

What is going on here? These are literally the people who got Joe Biden elected. He wouldn’t be president without these people. Now, just seven months in, they’re telling you he has failed personally? It does not make sense.

Afghanistan is hardly Biden’s first disaster. As of tonight, our southern border has collapsed, the murder rate is spiking in our cities, the Covid vaccines do not work, inflation’s out of control, and the country’s entire population of school children hasn’t been educated in more than a year. All of that’s been going on. None of that seemed to bother CNN in the slightest. In fact, they reserved their energy to attack anyone who noticed those trends. But now, suddenly their anchors are weeping on the air because Americans are trapped in Afghanistan. They don’t notice the 70,000 who die every year from drug overdoses. But this has sent them into a self-righteous rage. Call us cynical, but we don’t buy it. Something else is going on here. We don’t know what it is, exactly, but it’s pretty obvious.

Flashing red signal: the leftist herd are considering dumping Biden, and are preparing us for that.

Was President Harris always the plan? Consider. Before the 2020 election, it was clear that Biden was losing it and incompetent, which is why he mainly hid in his basement. Kamala Harris, a hard left puppet without any obvious excess of talent or will, and unelectable in her own right, was placed in the VP role. Biden’s centrist credentials were necessary to win the election. Then they just need an excuse to dump him for her.

Trump had signed a deal with the Taliban, to withdraw all American troops by September 2021. The left could have disregarded it because it was Trump’s plan, or because the Taliban had violated its conditions, but they needed it for what followed. September of his first year in office would be a respectable point at which to replace Biden. Oh, the stress of the Presidency was too much and he wilted, it is now clear he is not competent, they will say. Now their real candidate can be installed, the vain and malleable Harris.

How to guarantee Biden looked incompetent and senile in August and September? Easy. Botch the withdrawal something terrible, create a crisis, outrage everyone with how dumb the plan was, and paint the plan as Biden’s alone.

They could misinform Biden on key points, so he says stupid or obviously false things in public. Assuring Biden that the Afghan Army was stronger than many NATO country armies and would easily keep the Taliban at bay was a deft stroke. Poor Biden had no clue what was coming.

Then turn CNN, the Times, and the other leftist “thought leaders” against him, simultaneously, as the outrage against Biden builds.

Keep Harris far away from the policy disaster that is the Afghanistan withdrawal. Preferably far away from Washington too, so she is not implicated in the dirty work.

This might be an interesting week. The bungled pandemic response with wide open borders to the Chinese bioweapon, the rigged election, the pretend insurrection and troops in Washington. Do we now get an internal coup, where the puppeteers’ favored candidate is finally placed on the throne?

Note that none of this relies on random events. So it was all  foreseeable. It could have been planned a year or more ago — perhaps starting from when Biden, who was going nowhere in the primaries, suddenly and unexpectedly surged to the front. Biden is a poor old man, whose usefulness is now outlived.

All the Afghan lives wrecked, the westerners caught in Afghanistan, the soldiers lives lost and the heroic military efforts, the people falling off planes — all just collateral damage of a Washington intrigue.