Former Pfizer VP: COVID vaccines pose ‘severe risk’ of infertility for women

Former Pfizer VP: COVID vaccines pose ‘severe risk’ of infertility for women. By Celeste McGovern.

Scientists have known for nearly a decade that the lipid nanoparticles like those currently used in novel mRNA COVID vaccines accumulate in ovaries and are potentially toxic to reproductive health, a former vice president and top researcher at Pfizer said at a conference hosted by LifeSiteNews Thursday on the fertility dangers of COVID vaccines.

“You’re not being told the truth,” said Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Scientist Worldwide for Respiratory Pharmacology and Toxicology, who is now the Chief Scientific Advisor for the Truth for Health Foundation. “Thinking about this, I try to imagine that I was speaking to my own young adult daughters, for whom I would be very concerned if they got these vaccines.”

Yeadon cited studies dating back to 2012 that warn of potential reproductive hazards of lipid nanoparticles that are used in COVID shots.

Both Moderna’s and Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines use specialized nanoparticle lipids or lipoproteins as carriers for their main ingredient — unstable mRNA protein that causes cells to produce the notorious coronavirus spike protein and elicit an immune response. These are the molecules that required the extremely low temperatures to preserve stability of the lipid encasing the fragile mRNA.

German researchers reported in their paper published nine years ago, “Accumulation of nanocarriers in the ovary: A neglected toxicity risk?,” that there is a “potential toxicity risk of all nanoscaled drug delivery systems” and an accumulation of different microscopic carrier molecules in rodent ovaries. …



The fluorescence intensity was detectable in ovaries just two hours after injection and increased within ovaries after 24 hours and remained constant at a high level over several days. A bright fluorescence signal was detectable even 25 days after injection, they reported.

The German researchers warned that this accumulation in ovaries may alert to an “important toxicity issue in humans,” but they did not know.

Mankind is plunging headfirst into loading up on experimental drugs that have not been properly tested (and aren’t even approved by the US FDA). There is much we don’t understand about how our immune systems work, yet we are fiddling with them.

The potential for disaster due to human arrogance and ignorance is biblical.

For over 80% of the last thousand years, if you’d gone to a European doctor with almost any complaint he would have recommended blood letting, to drain the body of its noxious humors.

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