Why Meghan Markle is Such a Dangerous Fool

Why Meghan Markle is Such a Dangerous Fool. By The Spectator.

One of the most senior members of the royal family, they claim without any concrete, and indeed contradictory, details, questioned the colour of their baby’s skin.

By playing the race card in such a sinister, devious, calculated, unverifiable and indeed incredible fashion, only months after race riots based upon the lie of ‘systemic’ racism and ‘white supremacy’ tore America apart, Harry and Meghan have sought to besmirch Britain’s royal family in the most despicable manner.

And with a selfishness so brazen it could only have come from pampered and blinkered Millennials, these two have at the same time deliberately sought to place themselves as individuals on a higher moral pedestal than that of the Crown.

This is narcissism and arrogance on steroids. …

(It hardly needs saying that questioning the likely genetic make-up/colouring, etc., of any child’s features based on the two parents’ genes is not only perfectly common but more importantly does not equate to racism.)

She is divisive and racist. Perfect for virtue signalling Democrats.

hat-tip Stephen Neil