In a Just World Democrats Would Pay for Impeachment Lies

In a Just World Democrats Would Pay for Impeachment Lies. By Stephen Kruiser.

In no way, shape, or form did President Trump incite a riot. The Democrats are employing a familiar tactic of theirs that involves the repetition of a falsehood so many times that not only does the public begin to believe it, but so do the people who are telling the lie. Enough already, you malevolent dimwits. …

Another ongoing part of this insanity is watching every Democrat who was near Capitol Hill on January 6th acting like they were moments away from death …

The most galling thing about all of this is that after watching cities burn for months last summer and fall and having the media continually describe them as “mostly peaceful protests” we’re now being subjected to the repeated and inaccurate use of the word “insurrection.” My friend and Townhall colleague Kurt Schlichter writes about that in his latest column:

So, I was out at dinner with my old battalion commander … and we were laughing at this whole “Muh Insurrekshun” nonsense. What happened January 6 was no “insurrection” in any meaningful sense of the word, especially not to those who survived the riots of 2020, and not to us either. See, I was my old battalion commander’s assistant operations officer and I was riding with him in his HUMVEE driving through Los Angeles as it burned in April 1991.

That was a riot. What happened on Capitol Hill was a few dudes dressed like Conan the Fauxbarian acting like fools and occasionally fighting with the cops while a few hundred other dudes took selfies in the Rotunda.

We were in the 3rd Battalion, 160th Infantry, the first combat arms unit on the street during the LA Riot, a riot brought to you by Maxine Waters and other idiots, by the way. There was burning and looting and dozens we can say with absolute certainty were murdered by the LA rioters, unlike at the Capitol. It lasted for days.

You wouldn’t know it from Rep. Stolen Cower, who seems to claim she suffered PTSD from being at the far end of the same ZIP code as the bruhaha, but what happened on January 6 was no “insurrection,” and Republicans need to stop playing along with the Establishment talking point that it was.

The Democrats want to think they’re on the moral high horse right now. In reality, they’re all mucking about neck-deep in the stable dung. I would like to say that they are embarrassing themselves but none of them have any self awareness, so they can’t be embarrassed.

Impeaching Trump now is like shouting at someone after they left the room.