If state legislatures and legal avenues fail, there is Executive Order 13848

If state legislatures and legal avenues fail, there is Executive Order 13848. By J.E. Dyer, a retired Naval Intelligence officer who lives in Southern California.

The state legislatures seem to be determined to certify the current results in the swing states, despite the mounting evidence of fraud. Too many RINOs defected.

Legal avenues are almost exhausted, though two cases have made it to the SCOTUS, which could yet be decisive.

However, if those fail, perhaps it is time to consider the third possibility for Trump to prevail — Executive Order 13848.

Talk about A.D. 2020 being “20/20.”

Although we did not have it in view in 1861, America broke the back of slavery as a government-sanctioned institution for the entire world’s vision of civilized life, by throwing the institution off in blood and thunder, with prejudice. What we do now about the honesty of elections, of government, and of government’s accountability to protect our rights and not trample them, will have a similar echo throughout the earth. …

The executive order route to a Trump victory, to be tried only after the state legislatures and the legal avenues have been exhausted:

This third effort, for which we may discern the potential without having yet seen specific evidence, is the one Hollywood would make a movie out of. It’s about concrete particulars, clashing interests, and action (who knows, there might be a good car-chase in it somewhere). I have no idea if it involves a server raid in Germany, or some of the other exotic allegations making the rounds out there. Fortunately, this analysis doesn’t depend on such specifics.

The premise of the key supporting effort is that the U.S. government has been making use of tools we know it has, to gather intelligence on conditions that pose an obvious threat to U.S. national security. …

Being cued to these conditions and their possibilities probably depended, at some point, on alertment from the links of major voting system vendors to foreign interests. Some of these links have been known, to the public as well as to experts and members of Congress, for more than a decade.

One such link is that between the Smartmatic voting software company and Venezuela. Prior to 2016, Democrats were as apt to be concerned about it as Republicans; indeed, as recently as 2018, Democrats like Elizabeth Warren pointed out undeniable vulnerabilities in the Smartmatic software which facilitate vote tampering. The Smartmatic company was founded in Boca Raton by a small handful of dual-citizen entrepreneurs whose expertise was in deploying voting software that cooked votes for Hugo Chavez in Venezuela — something reported and well-known in the U.S. long before Sidney Powell obtained an affidavit for her Georgia lawsuit from an individual with direct knowledge of Smartmatic’s history.

Smartmatic software is used in both the Dominion Voting Systems machines and those of Election Systems & Software (ES&S). The user manual published for Dominion machines used in Colorado for recent elections in fact described the very vulnerabilities of the systems to on-site tampering as if they were a feature and not a bug. It has been astoundingly well known that these weaknesses are present in hundreds of voting machines used across America, and that they were originally designed to help Hugo Chavez manipulate votes electronically.

But the point for this third line of campaign effort is that the vulnerability, combined with its foreign connection, could justifiably be seen as a national security issue. Persisting for years, it could well have been exploited for some time, with the intention – on someone’s part, foreign or domestic – to keep exploiting it. …

Just the information in the last nine paragraphs [which included China getting awfully close to Dominion] is enough to justify the kind of electronic information retrieval and surveillance the American public knows the U.S. government is well able to undertake.

And, as well-informed readers have no doubt been anxious for as many paragraphs now to point out, President Trump issued an executive order in September 2018, E.O. 13848, designating foreign threats to voting systems as a significant national security concern. …

The effect of the E.O. was to articulate the national security justification for the means of surveillance to monitor and track what was being done with the implicated voting infrastructure. In other words, whether the analysts were at Homeland Security (chartered with monitoring critical infrastructure), the FBI, Treasury, or even — for the foreign-power aspect of the problem — at CIA, they had presidential authority to pull trons and go to town.

If we know anything about Trump, we may reasonably guess that he’s had someone he trusts at the NSC level watching over the effort. The result could well be a devastating exposure of far more individuals in the U.S., as well as foreign operators, than anyone would imagine. It is by no means beyond the realm of possibility that many Democrats and even some Republicans, including elected officials, are on the list.

We need not add to the mix any inventive story lines about secret software being deployed to catch everyone in the act, to recognize that a supporting effort along these lines, using only the normal tools of government surveillance, would be something akin to Sherman’s March through Georgia as an accelerant to the main effort.

This third effort … is one we have all the conditions for. I don’t suggest that we have dispositive evidence of it at this point. But if we haven’t been doing it, our feckless sloth ought to be the subject of epic lament for centuries to come — because we should have been. The reasons for investigation and monitoring have been there, in spades, and no nation has ever been as well equipped with the means. …

Trump had also begun making significant personnel replacements at the Pentagon the week after the election … Prior to that, he hadn’t made the effort at DOD that he had made earlier to weed out internal “resistance” at State, ODNI, and the NSC staff.

On Wednesday, 2 December, Trump made “the most important speech I’ve ever given,” outlining instance after instance of probable fraud, and undoubted vote discrepancies that ought to put the election in question. The speech was the statesman’s case for his main effort, the one focused on honest government, rescuing the Republic, and securing America’s future.

But when I listened with my ears, I noticed that Trump barely mentioned the probable source of the most deeply embedded and pervasive vote manipulation in at least four of the battleground states. He made almost no reference to Dominion and Smartmatic.

I don’t think that’s because their effect is minimal or too hard to establish. It’s certainly not because there is no reason to be concerned about their potential connection to foreign influence.

But it may be because Trump’s pattern is to respond to attacks and threats with sauce-serving symmetry. If Trump has been doing what he’s had every means to do for the last two years, and apparently the will to do – based on his E.O. of 2018 – it’s very possible it won’t be the American public he informs of his findings first. …

There is a transition process underway, in which Joe Biden has started to receive daily intelligence briefings. … If tracking the massive attack on the 2020 vote nailed Joe Biden’s associates, we may imagine the Trump administration will be rolling those associates up before visiting Biden, with stacks of evidence waiting in courthouses.

As she says, the conditions are all set. Trump has legal justification for using the intelligence services and military to spy on everyone suspected of connection to the use of Dominion or Smartmatic software, on the grounds of foreign interference with elections. Charges, arrests, and confiscations might follow.

But there is no evidence that this trap will be sprung. It might all be wishful thinking by some. We should know within a week.

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