Rumor: Sophisticated sting initiated by Trump and Intelligence watermarked ballots to catch voter fraud

Rumor: Sophisticated sting initiated by Trump and Intelligence watermarked ballots to catch voter fraud. They knew the Democrat fraud would come, and were prepared.

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Apparently Trump and co. watermarked the valid votes with an encrypted mark.

Count all the votes? Arrest all the crooks.

Enormous if true. InfoWars is dodgy, but have broken important stories before. The guy in the video, Steve Pieczenik, is real.

On the other hand, there was something similar associated with this guy in 2016:

In a video that stuns with the reveal by former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Steve Pieczenik that intelligence agencies are uniting to take down the Clinton “Coup D’état,” of America, Twitter is buzzing that this may kill #Hillary Clinton’s last chance at becoming president of the USA. With the start of the #2016 Election just days away, he obviously hopes that this will sway the undecided voter into the Trump camp.

He is the same guy behind some very questionable claims. This story is what Trump supporters would want to hear — maybe they are being played. Perhaps Pieczenik is an attention seeker, saying what some people want to hear.

Unclear if this is true or just bogus clickbait. So, FWIW.

Intelligence expert Steve Pieczenik claims 2020 election was a “sophisticated sting operation” that has trapped the Democrats in the most massive criminal election fraud in history… details. By Mike Adams.

As a guest on InfoWars’ War Room with Owen Shroyer today, intelligence expert Steve Pieczenik declared that the 2020 election was set up by Trump’s people as a “sophisticated sting operation” to trap the Democrats and the Biden crime family in irrefutable criminal fraud. …

Pieczenik is not working for the federal government, he explains, and what he describes leaves many questions and raises some doubts, such as the question of how such a large operation could have been kept secret from the Democrats all this time. Nevertheless, if this is true, it means that Owen Shroyer, InfoWars and Steve Pieczenik just broke what is arguably the biggest news story in at least a century, dwarfing the significance of anything from the Washington Post and the Nixon administration.

Disclaimer: We have not yet been able to independent verify the claims you see below. We are merely reporting on what Dr. Pieczenik is saying, as these claims are newsworthy and incredibly important. We are in the process of investigating further.

Among the seemingly incredible claims made by Pieczenik include the following:

  • The ballots used in the election were printed by the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Every legitimate ballot across America was watermarked with QFS blockchain encryption codes.
  • Trump was fully aware of the sting operation and is still allowing the Dems to dig themselves deeper into their election fraud.
  • The sophisticated sting operation was intended to catch and expose the massive vote fraud of the Democrats.
  • Everything you’re seeing right now with the ballot fraud was completely expected by Trump’s people.
  • “Thousands and thousands of National Guard [troops]” have been sent to 12 states right now, to assist in securing the legitimate ballots and throwing out the fake ballots printed up by Democrats as part of their fraud operation.
  • This sting will expose the entire Biden family and get them all convicted and sent to prison.
  • “We watermarked all the ballots with QFS blockchain,” and sent 20,000 or more National Guard troops to the ballot centers.
  • The few members of the media who were allowed to be read in on this operation were able to keep it secret all this time, and Pieczenik thanks them for doing so.
  • “This has been a set up by Trump for a long, long time,” he says. “This is our counter-coup against the Bidens.”
  • Arrests are coming right away. “As of tomorrow,” he says, and it will continue for a long time to come.
  • “This is the biggest sting operation” in the history of America.

Why release this now? Why not wait another day, after the cheats declare Biden president? Because Trump got taken off the air during his press conference a couple of hours ago (see posts below), and his team are afraid they will be silenced. It’s a truism of third world coups that you need control of the radio station. This counter coup could fail if the Biden team capture the media so fully that they shut down this story too. Imagine if Trump, the President of the USA, goes to announce the capture of the bad guys … and no one knows because the media will not allow it to be broadcast.

In any case, the swamp will now flood the internet with bogus but similar messages, so as to discredit this.

Could it be true? If something is too good to be true it usually is, so Trump supporters shouldn’t get their hopes up. But conversely, Biden supporters might just feel a shiver running down their spines. Patience.