Toxic Spill Alert: The left just can’t shut up about their politics

Toxic Spill Alert: The left just can’t shut up about their politics, by Michelle Malkin.

This week,, one of the internet’s most popular gathering sites for crocheters and knitters with a reported 8.5 million users, publicly smeared and ejected conservative members who support President Donald Trump—all in the name of protecting their preciously “inclusive” safe space. Excluding to include. Welcome to opposite world. …

The progressive operators at Ravelry declared that every right-winger on the fiber arts forum who supports our commander in chief is really just a KKK domestic terrorist wielding sharp needles instead of flaming crosses and nooses. It doesn’t matter whether you support the White House because you are pro-borders, pro-life, pro-entrepreneur, pro-limited government, anti-collectivist or anti-socialist. …

In case you weren’t clear on Ravelry equating all Trump support with virulent racism, the defamers decried: “Support of the Trump administration is undeniably support for white supremacy.”

They’ve gone too far. By Ben Domenech.

Now, of course Ravelry’s within its rights to do this. It would be within the rights of any platform or community to do this. Any private community could legally make the same announcement tomorrow if they wanted.

But we should pause to appreciate how incredibly toxic this behavior is, and the negative ramifications for our culture and our communities.

Some of the more foolish analysts are apt to argue that the biases of digital are just a representation of grievance culture, unimportant to normal Americans. Developments like this show how wrong they are. This is not a conversation limited to activists or media members when families are talking about mom losing her income and her friends.

Conservative pattern makers who paid money and built a following are being booted from the community they helped build, losing content they paid for, and find themselves in an instant sealed out of the single biggest market for their creative wares.

Competitive virtue signalling is all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Ravelry have got away with it, so others will follow. Where is the conservative pushback? Where are the conservative political parties? It’s almost as if they are content being the junior left.