Denmark Begs Men to Have Sex with its Feminists

Denmark Begs Men to Have Sex with its Feminists, by John Davis.

Feminism has given women in Denmark an immunity from civility, and, license to openly hate and ridicule men. For example, it is not uncommon for girls to be sitting on a bus, in a group, and have them openly point to a man and discuss how unattractive he is. The Danish legal system is set up so that once a woman has “been impregnated” by a man, the man is completely disposable in divorce, and, the man’s role as a sperm donor is further degraded by requiring him to pay for the child for the rest of his life so that the impregnated woman may enjoy her fulfillment as a modern feminist.

Denmark still imposes all of the obligations of men that have survived medieval chivalry, yet, virtually sees men as nothing but completely disposable sperm donors (who are occasionally allowed to work in the Danish socialist job market).

How’s that working out? Is there a glimpse into the future for the rest of the west?

The result is that only about 20% of Danish men are actively in the dating pool.

Danish women are constantly complaining about not having enough men to satisfy their desires for sexual and social intercourse.

Yet, Danish women will viciously guard their feminism, hatred of men, life plans to treat men as disposable, and the concept that men are irrelevant except to give the woman sperm, and, the child some semblance of legitimacy. …

Nothing some government propaganda won’t try to fix:

Note how the advertisement features a prominent man-hating feminist in the narrative in order to appease the fascist feminist lobby that controls the country’s social laws and norms.

Note how the advertisement relegates the man to a mere decoration and accessory and sperm donor.

Note how the key solution, in the minds of the feminist State, is for women to seduce (and rape (she employs force at the end of the video which would be a serioius crime if a man did it)) the man, as opposed to an honest interaction between two adults seeking mutual love, respect and compassion for each other.

It didn’t work.