Polish government: wind turbines on land will be scrapped within 17 years

Polish government: wind turbines on land will be scrapped within 17 years. By Wysokie Apiecie.

All wind farms operating today in Poland will be scrapped by 2035, with no new turbines built to replace them, stipulates draft “Energy Policy of Poland until 2040” presented by Ministry of Energy on Friday. This is a political decision, the Minister explained. …

Poland is the only country on the continent that announced complete elimination of the technology and scrapping of the entire infrastructure left after the decommissioned turbines. …

Too noisy on land, they hurt people’s health:

“The decrease in production from wind turbines is forced by our political commitments,” explained Minister for Energy, Krzysztof Tchórzewski … When in opposition, [Minster for Education, Anna Zalewska] informally represented the voice of organisations opposing to the construction of wind turbines in the vicinity of their places of residence.

Too noisy at sub-audible low frequencies, harmful to human health

Modern, tall wind turbines could be built only on farmland with no residential houses within 2 km, which is almost impossible in Poland.

In Poland, the sea is a better location for wind turbines:

“Onshore wind turbines are available only 20 percent of the time, whereas offshore this is 40-45 percent,” Minster Krzysztof Tchórzewski explained on Friday.