Progressive Tribalism Beats The War Drums

Progressive Tribalism Beats The War Drums, by Rod Dreher.

I would like fair-minded liberal readers to take a look at this op-ed from The New York Times, and consider that this is exactly the kind of left-wing racist rant that drives many of us white people into the arms of the Republican Party — not out of any particular love for the GOP, but out of fear of what this progressive racism would do in power. Alexis Grenell, the author, is a white woman and a Democratic strategist. …

We get to the heart of the matter:

We’re talking about white women. The same 53 percent who put their racial privilege ahead of their second-class gender status in 2016 by voting to uphold a system that values only their whiteness, just as they have for decades. …

The voting patterns of white women and white men mirror each other much more closely, and they tend to cast their ballots for Republicans. The gender gap in politics is really a color line.

That’s because white women benefit from patriarchy by trading on their whiteness to monopolize resources for mutual gain. …

“Patriarchy,” “whiteness” — she’s using these Grievance Studies buzzwords in response to women worried about their flesh-and-blood male relatives being falsely accused. That’s because these men are nothing but abstractions to Grenell.

Again, she returns to hysterically violent language — a language of tribalism:

This blood pact between white men and white women is at issue in the November midterms. President Trump knows it, and at that Tuesday news conference, he signaled to white women to hold the line: “The people that have complained to me about it the most about what’s happening are women. Women are very angry,” he said. “I have men that don’t like it, but I have women that are incensed at what’s going on.”

I’m sure he does “have” them; game girls will defend their privilege to the death.

“To the death”? What does that mean? What could that possibly mean, other than to signal that Alexis Grenell and her people are preparing to do violence to them, and that Alexis Grenell believes that they cannot be persuaded, only defeated, no matter what it takes.

Again: Alexis Grenell is a Democratic Party strategist. The New York Times, the most important newspaper in the world, and the voice of the liberal Establishment, saw fit to publish this racist, sexist call to arms. This is what elite liberalism in America has become. …

Yes, of course, you can find left-wing crazies everywhere, and right-wing crazies too. What sets this Grenell column apart is that it appeared in The New York Times, the flagship publication of elite liberalism. It has the imprimatur of its editors. That is significant. …

A French reader writes: …

I think these people are best described as Stalinists -– replace “gender” with “class” and Grenell’s is straight from Uncle Joe’s textbook.

Modern feminism is very much like communism. Both ideologies have a lot in common. They rely on a similar black-and-white worldview that shuns reform and mandates instead a brutal reversal of existing social hierarchies in favour of the “oppressed” (the so-called “dictatorship of the proletariat” in one case, and the matriarchy in the other)

They’re also all-encompassing systems that inform their followers’s “thinking” not just in the political area but the intellectual, artistic and even personal ones and no deviance can be tolerated. Being a communist or a feminist is being that all the way, just like being a Jet.

As a result, both communists and feminists often sound like robots toeing the party line and whose opinions and reactions can be predicted with a high level of accuracy.

hat-tip Stephen Neil