Summary of the Trump Coup to Date

Summary of the Trump Coup to Date, by Greg Hunter.

The mainstream media (MSM) refuses to acknowledge the fact the FBI and DOJ used phony research paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to get warrants to spy on Donald Trump and his Administration.

It refuses to report there is not one single piece of evidence linking Trump to the Russians, let alone that the entire Mueller investigation was started on totally false pretenses.

It ignores former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, who came out recently on CNN and essentially blamed the failed coup to stop Trump and remove him from office on his former boss President Obama. The MSM has turned into fake news.

The MSM is upset that Donald Trump has branded them “Fake News” or, in the case of CNN, “Very Fake News.” Trump is also branding them “The Enemy of the People.” The MSM says they are worried about violence against reporters, but I think they are worried about declining revenue and falling ratings. Trump is branding them fake news, and the MSM is destroying itself with lies, lies by omission and false narratives. Donald Trump is simply pointing that out as he fights back against biased reporting of the MSM that is set out to destroy him and not inform the public.

How times change, but always the left/media is correct: