Young women are quite safe at university, and should be told that

Young women are quite safe at university, and should be told that, by Bettina Arndt.

“Good news. There is officially no rape crisis on our campuses.” That was the headline of the news story that ran in The Australian exactly a year ago after the Australian Human Rights Commission released the results of a million-­dollar survey into sexual assault and harassment.

It was disappointing news for feminist activists who had con­ducted a long campaign arguing that campuses were unsafe for young women.

Yet they managed to influence media coverage to disguise the reassuring survey results showing only 0.8 per cent of students claimed to have been sex­ually assaulted in the previous year, even using a broad definition that included being “tricked into sexual acts against their will” and incidents during travel to and from campus.

All they came up with was a high incidence of low-level harassment — mainly ­involving staring and sexual jokes or comments.

Hardly a rape crisis — yet my news story was the sole mainstream report to promote the positive news. Such is the grip of these social justice warriors that stories everywhere presented the survey results as disturbing evidence of women under attack.

Our media promotes the PC narrative, not the truth.

hat-tip Stephen Neil