Why South Africa’s govt plans to strip land from white farmers

Why South Africa’s govt plans to strip land from white farmers, by RT.

South Africa’s new President Cyril Ramaphosa has pledged to redistribute land by taking it from white farmers and giving it to black people. …

How did white farmers get the land in the first place?

Dutch Calvinist settlers first landed on the Cape of Good Hope in 1652 and soon began setting up farms in the arable regions around Cape Town. Over the following decades the number of Dutch (and some German and French) settlers grew. They continuously claimed land from the local Khoikhoi until the entire cape was colonized.

The British seized the region in 1795, sparking a long running conflict with the original Dutch settlers, now known as the Boers. To escape British rule the Boers pushed deeper north and northeast, claiming land in the present-day provinces of Free State and Natal. Eventually they established independent Boer republics.

Numerous wars and conflicts between colonists, both British and Boer, and local people including the Xhosa, Zulu, Basotho and Ndebele broke out over the intervening years, particularly as gold and diamonds were discovered. The colonists took advantage of their superior weaponry to claim further territories.

Eventually tensions between the Boers and the British boiled over, resulting in two Anglo-Boer wars. In the aftermath of the second war the British unified the colonies into a single country called the Union of South Africa.

Black Africans are not indigenous to most of the farmed area. There were no farms until the Dutch arrived, and the land in the Cape was largely uninhabited with just scattered groups of Khoisan. The PC myth that whites settled areas already occupied by blacks is setting the scene for genocide of white farmers.

Btw, Cyril Ramaphosa has “an estimated net worth of more than $450,000,000”. How does a politician get that sort of money? He rose from student politics to become Secretary General of the African National Congress in 1991, at age 39. The ANC are communist, so what’s with all the accumulation of personal wealth, comrade?

hat-tip Stephen Neil