Oxford University Extends Exam Time So Women Can Get Better Grades

Oxford University Extends Exam Time So Women Can Get Better Grades, by Virginia Hale.

Students at the Oxford University are enjoying extended exam times in math and computer science by 15 minutes in a bid to boost the grades of women entrants, it has emerged.

Undergraduates sitting examinations in summer 2017 were given 105 minutes to complete their papers rather than 90 following faculty claims that “female candidates might be more likely to be adversely affected by time pressure”.

According to The Telegraph, the board of examiners recommended the department take action to improve women’s scores in 2016, after just seven women students achieved firsts compared to 45 men. …

A PC fantasy is behind this, that all groups of people are statistically the same:

Antonia Siu, Undergraduate Representative of Oxford Women in Computer Science, said: “I am uneasy about schemes to favour one gender over another.

“But I am happy when people see gaps between groups of people who should not reasonably have such gaps – such as between genders, races or class – and take that as a starting point to think about the kinds of people they unintentionally are leaving behind.”

But some inequalities are “good” and nothing is done to discourage them:

With around two-thirds of undergraduates female, the gender gulf among students is growing, and women dominating in the fields of medicine, law, and biology.

hat-tip Stephen Neil