Barack Obama worried his white girlfriend would ruin his political prospects

Barack Obama worried his white girlfriend would ruin his political prospects, by John Sexton.

Barack Obama always liked to present himself as a pragmatist, someone who solved problems cooly. According to a new 1,400-page biography, that approach even guided his closest personal relationships. Specifically, Obama became concerned that his white girlfriend was going to hamper his political prospects in Chicago at a time when he was already thinking seriously about becoming president one day.

The revelations come from a new biography titled “Rising Stary: The Making of Barack Obama” by David Garrow. A review in the Washington Post highlights revelations about the woman Obama asked to marry him before he met Michelle. That relationship began to fall apart because, according to friends, Obama became concerned a white partner would limit his political future: …

In Garrow’s telling, Obama made emotional judgments on political grounds. A close mutual friend of the couple recalls Obama explaining that “the lines are very clearly drawn. .?.?. If I am going out with a white woman, I have no standing here.”

And friends remember an awkward gathering at a summer house, where Obama and Jager engaged in a loud, messy fight on the subject for an entire afternoon. (“That’s wrong! That’s wrong! That’s not a reason,” they heard Sheila yell from their guest room, their arguments punctuated by bouts of makeup sex.) Obama cared for her, Garrow writes, “yet he felt trapped between the woman he loved and the destiny he knew was his.”

Obama was an ambitious young man who made a calculated decision that a white girlfriend hurt his chances. Obama wasn’t a victim of racial politics, but a manipulator of them for his own ends.

You Know Who Looks Surprisingly Like the Son Barack Obama and His Ex-Girlfriend Sheila Miyoshi Jager Never Had? By Steve Sailer.

Yeah, George Zimmerman:

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