The Democrats Reprise their Role As Racists Resisting The US from the 1950s

The Democrats Reprise their Role As Racists Resisting The US from the 1950s, by Pat Buchanan.

Mayors Rahm Emanuel [Democrat] of Chicago and Bill de Blasio [Democrat] of New York have declared their cities to be “sanctuary cities,” pledging noncooperation with U.S. authorities seeking to deport those who broke into our country and remain here illegally.

Says D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser [Democrat], “I have asserted firmly that we are a sanctuary city.” According to the Washington Post, after the meeting where this declaration had been extracted from Bowser, an activist blurted, “We’re facing a fascist maniac.”

Such declarations of defiance of law have a venerable history in America. In 1956, 19 Democratic senators from the 11 states of the Old Confederacy, in a “Southern Manifesto,” rejected the Supreme Court’s Brown decision ordering desegregation of the public schools.

Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus [Democrat], Mississippi Gov. Ross Barnett [Democrat] and Alabama Gov. George Wallace [Democrat] all resisted court orders to integrate. U.S. marshals and troops, ordered in by Ike and JFK, insured the court orders were carried out.

To see Rahm and de Blasio in effect invoking John C. Calhoun’s [Democrat] doctrine of interposition and nullification is a beautiful thing to behold.

The media don’t mention it, but resistance to black integration in the 1950s came from Democrats. In the 1960s, however, the Democrats switched from anti-black racism to anti-white racism, where they remain to this day. The concept of color blindness and treating people as individuals, rather than as members of a group, is anathema to the Democratic Party because it seeks to harvest votes by building an electoral coalition of fringe ethnic and other groups.