ISIS and True Islam: ISIS broadcasts to the world why it kills

ISIS and True Islam: ISIS broadcasts to the world why it kills, by Joseph Klein. This is part of an important debate about the fundamentals of Islam, and whether it can mellow out from its seventh century Arabian roots.

ISIS is taking umbrage at critics who challenge its claim to represent true Islam.


In the latest issue of its magazine Dabiq, published on July 31, the author of an editorial entitled “Why We Hate You and Why We Fight You” repudiated “the Islam-is-a-peaceful-religion crowd.” That crowd would include President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Pope Francis and other world leaders, politicians and opinion makers who have pushed the narrative that ISIS is a deviant cult made up of violent extremists whose acts of terrorism have nothing to do with Islam.

To the contrary, claimed the author of the Dabiq piece, “jihad and the laws of the Shari’ah   – as well as everything else deemed taboo by the Islam-is-a-peaceful-religion crowd – are in fact completely Islamic.” …

Once Prophet Muhammad emerged victorious over his enemies, he made Islam into a religion based on supremacism, war and conquest over non-believers wherever they can be found. ISIS’s literal reading of sharia law, which is based on the Koran and the sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad, is closer to traditional Islam than the fanciful version of “Islam-is-a-peaceful-religion,” propagated by Obama, Pope Francis and the Islamists’ other apologists.

hat-tip Stephen Neil