Vote Archibald 1 for Curtin

Vote Archibald 1 for Curtin

by David Archibald

7 April 2022


I am standing for the seat of Curtin in Perth, Western Australia, in the next federal election — which will be in the second half of May.

The following is a campaign ad running in the Subiaco Post on Friday 8th April. This is a free newspaper that covers most of the seat of Curtin.



I have a technical background. In 1999, I was an expert witness in two cases before the Supreme Court of NSW — one in oil exploration and one in steelmaking technology, hired by the Austrian companies OMV and Voest Alpine respectively. In 2003 I teamed up with two professors from Purdue University, Indiana in cancer research and I am a co-author of a patent application with them.

In 2011 I gave a lecture on climate science in a US Senate hearing room and was invited back in 2013. Because of my work in fighter aircraft design, the Swedish aerospace company Saab sent two of their people to meet me in Perth in November, 2015. In the last few years I have gone back to cancer research. The first fruit of that is a 76 year old resident of Perth used my prostate cancer protocol to get his PSA from 29 down to 20. At his current rate of decline of 1 ng/ml/fortnight, he will be back to normal by Christmas.

But it hasn’t been all sturm and drang. In 1996 I was given the draft of a book on the role of phytoestrogens in modulating the human female hormone system. It was a great book but it hadn’t been published; so in 2012 I edited it and published it on Amazon as Hormones with Harmony. Four of my books are currently available on Amazon.

I hope you think this is a well-rounded technical background. But it is my climate work that has driven me to stand for Curtin, in order to right some grievous wrongs. The history of that is that a former general manager of BHP Petroleum, Bob Foster,  in 2005 asked me to determine the role of the gas planets in controlling the solar cycle.

That led me on a path that produced this graph on the logarithmic heating effect of carbon dioxide:



The graph shows that carbon dioxide is tuckered out as a greenhouse gas. The first 20 ppm is responsible for half of the heating to date. After 20 ppm the effect falls away rapidly, so that now an increase of 100 ppm (50 years’ worth) only increases temperature by 0.1°. Nothing to worry about at all.

In fact at the bottom of the last ice age the level of CO2 got down to 180 ppm. Plant growth shuts down at 150 ppm. Fossil plants from this period show the effects of carbon dioxide starvation.

A fall of another 30 ppm would have wiped out all life above sea level. The higher we can take atmospheric CO2, the safer life will be on this planet. Increased atmospheric CO2 is wholly beneficial; there is no detrimental effect at all. The major difference is that our crop yields have gone up by about 15% due to the extra CO2.

The most succinct summary of climate science is an article of mine online; search for ‘Archibald XKCD’s Cri de Coeur’.

Any lie we live with demeans us, degrades us. Global warming is a lie. It cannot happen in theory and has not happened in practice. This is a graph of the Earth’s temperature record since 1979:



The blue line shows the departure of the Earth’s temperature from the average for the 30 year period 0f 1990 – 2020. You will note that the temperature departure measured for February, 2022 was 0.0°. In effect, the temperature of the planet has been flat for 30 years. This is consistent with the science which shows that increased CO2 will have a minuscule effect and is nothing to worry about.

Most of my opponents in this election have worked themselves into a lather over a flat temperature. One candidate, in these pages, has announced that he is “passionate about action on climate change”. Another says that she wants more “climate action”. Why waste money on trying to fix something that isn’t broken? Anyone who goes on about climate action has betrayed themselves as an easily deluded fool who cannot be taken seriously on any subject. Don’t be misled.

Some 90 councils in Australia have declared a “climate emergency” when the temperature has yet to budge 0.1°. It would be hilarious if the consequences weren’t tragic. We are all made poorer by the money wasted on the non-problem of climate.

It is also putting the nation at risk because one of our biggest problems, fuel security, could be fixed by converting our low grade coal to petrol and diesel.

Recently the Port Macquarie-Hastings council in NSW rescinded its declaration of a climate emergency, the first in Australia to do so. As Charles Mackay said men “go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one”.

The Australian population hasn’t been conned by the climate nonsense. In a recent Institute of Public Affairs survey, 42% said that they wanted to spend nothing at all in getting to net zero. Another 30% said that might spend up to $1 per week.

A clear majority of Australians doesn’t want to trash the economy in chasing a figment of the imagination. I speak for that majority. Thus I am standing for Curtin, because nobody else will speak for the majority of Australians.

While we are on the subject of climate, a prediction I made 15 years ago has come to pass. The Sun has entered a period of much lower activity, and as it is energy from the Sun that stops the Earth from looking like Pluto, the Earth will become colder. The Earth’s temperature peaked in 2016 and is now in a downtrend.

If the climate hysteria of my opponents in Curtin is not based in science, what might be motivating them to play fast and loose with other people’s money, and jeopardise the Nation’s existence?

People need to believe in something beyond themselves. Some have chucked over the Bible but still cling to a fragment of it, the bit at the beginning talking about how perfect the Earth was before it was despoiled by the hand of Man. Otherwise their meaningless lives would feel shallow, hollow, depressing and purposeless.

It therefore follows that Man should be punished by wearing sackcloth and ashes, or paying carbon taxes. As a religion, climate change is well short of being complicated enough to do actual good, such as building orhpanages, retirement homes or hospitals. Relative to a religion that actually does some good, climate change is like a prion relative to the human genome, a little poisonous fragment even simpler than a virus. Climate change is the preferred religion of militant atheists.

When we get rid of all the carbon nonsense in our legislation, then we can proceed to fix a big, real problem that is coming at us fast. Australia has only 21 days of diesel supply in stock. Anything that will interrupt the shuttle of tankers to these shores, such as the military base China has negotiated in the Solomons, will cripple our economy in a couple of weeks. People will start starving because food distribution will break down.

It looks like world peak oil production was in 2018, a fact obscured by the economic effect of covid. But the price of oil is now $132 per barrel. Making diesel and petrol and jet fuel in Australia from our low grade coal is now economic.

A billion dollar Japanese research program in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley in the early 1990s found that the operating cost would be $40 per barrel, around $80 in 2022 dollars. There are 200 billion tonnes of brown coal in the Latrobe Valley of Victoria which would make 200 billion barrels of petrol and diesel. To put that in perspective, that is about 100 times as much as Bass Strait originally held.

There are also billions of tons of brown coal in WA that should be made into petrol and diesel here. The sooner that happens, the safer we all will be.

Books in pdf available free on the campaign website:

Hormones with Harmony

  • The role of phytoestrogens in modulating the human female hormone system

American Gripen: The Solution to the F-35 Nightmare

  • The F-35 is a dog and we need Saab’s Gripen-E instead

The Anticancer Garden in Australia

  • The science of cancer and plant molecules that kill cancer

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The ad style follows the precepts of David Ogilvy as prescribed in his book On Advertising – simple text with minimal graphics.