The US Goes Whole-Of-Government Against China

The US Goes Whole-Of-Government Against China

by David Archibald

10 May 2021


The biggest act of bastardry so far in the 21st century was when the Obama regime insisting that Japan return 300 kg of weapons grade plutonium the US lent Japan back in the 1960s. Obama did this at China’s urging. Those 300 kg would have been enough to make 50 fifty kiloton devices. When China starts losing the war it wants to start, one option remaining to them would be to start flinging nuclear weapons at Japan until it taps the mat.

The only thing that would cause the Chicoms to think twice would be if the US responded to a Chinese nuclear attack on Japan with nuclear attacks on Chinese cities. So when Trump was elected, his first international visitor was the Prime Minister of Japan. In February 2017, President Trump reassured Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of the U.S. nuclear deterrent in an unambiguous statement:

The US commitment to defend Japan through the full range of US military capabilities, both nuclear and conventional, is unwavering.

President Biden’s first international visitor was the current Japanese Prime Minister. Their joint statement stated that the US nuclear umbrella remains in place for Japan:

The United States restated its unwavering support for Japan’s defense under the U.S.-Japan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security, using its full range of capabilities, including nuclear.

The Biden crime family has taken payments from Chicom entities, and therefore the Chinese state. What services were rendered by Biden pater to the Chicoms is not clear as yet. It seems that you can’t buy Biden loyalty, you can only rent it.

The sense of Congress, that is both houses, is that the Chicoms are very bad people indeed. A bipartisan effort in the Senate has produced an act entitled called the Strategic Competition Act of 2021. The act states,

It is the policy of the United States, in pursuing strategic competition with the PRC, …to expose the PRC’s use of corruption, repression, coercion, and other malign behavior to attain unfair economic advantage and deference of other nations to its political and strategic objectives.

Under the act, the head of every Federal department and agency will designate a senior official at the level of Under Secretary or above to coordinate the department’s or agency’s policies with respect to strategic competition with the PRC. The act also funds advice for US businesses in exiting China. The funds for agitprop against the Chicoms are not inconsequential, amounting to about one billion dollars per annum:


The Chicoms don’t like the Strategic Competition Act because it means their free ride is officially over. As usual, the Chicoms respondedd with bluster and a threat of war. They have also again threatened to attack Australia, this time for our commitment to support the US when the US supports Taiwan in the event of a Chicom attack on Taiwan.

Some people are now taking the Chicoms at their word, and are saying that war is inevitable. For example retired US Army Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges has said

I am sure that we are going to be in a kinetic conflict with China in five years. I hope I’m wrong, but I believe within the next five years there’s going to be a kinetic conflict — missiles, submarines, aircraft; not so much land operations. … It’s just about inevitable.


Figure 1: The PLA base at 22° 24’ 25” N, 106° 42’ 35” E


In 2016 the Chicoms started building a PLA base dedicated to the invasion of Vietnam, across the road from a pre-existing base. We know it is an army base because of the running track. The larger buildings are for storing tanks and artillery and hiding them from satellite surveillance. The long, narrow buildings are for accommodation. There are no amenities because the Chicoms wouldn’t expect them to be there long.

It won’t be over Taiwan because that would be too difficult. The threats against Taiwan are just misdirection by the Chicoms, as shown by the fact that not a single cubic metre of concrete has been laid on the mainland opposite Taiwan to aid the invasion. The Chicoms have laid plenty of concrete for their attacks on Vietnam and Japan though. The Chicoms will lead with an attack on Vietnam, a country whose constitution forbids having military alliances with any other country. Japan will come to Vietnam’s aid and then it will be all in. The Chicoms will be defeated, but the most dangerous phase will be their death throes.


David Archibald is the author of American Gripen: The Solution to the F-35 Nightmare