Own Goal, Lefties: Covid Vaccination will make the US more Republican

Own Goal, Lefties: Covid Vaccination will make the US more Republican

By David Archibald

25 July 2023


First of all, where did the left/right political divide come from? Our species started on the plains of Africa. Human babies developed larger brains, which resulted in more productive hunting of animals but also required a consistent supply of protein-dense food to support that brain development. The food needed for that was meat. Prosperous human societies became structured around keeping up the meat supply to the developing infant.

Because individual hunting success was patchy, the adult males would hunt in a group and the group hunting success was shared. Our Stone Age existence wasn’t always idyllic, with 2% of conversations ending in violence over the distribution of meat in the tribe. And once you had a full belly you stopped work, because hunting is what got you killed. Any excess food you produced got distributed and there was no way of keeping it for your own family.

In fact, human stomachs are as acidic as those of vultures to be able to handle semi-rotten meat. Given the choice, our Stone Age antecedents would evidently rather eat meat that was a bit off than go hunting again.

That group food-pooling behaviour, which we now call socialism, was likely printed on our genome. With no reason for advancement, the rate of human progress was glacially slow. Not much happened over hundreds of thousands of years, just changes in the shape of the rocks we used.

The invention of agriculture 10,000 years ago flipped the script. Instead of extra work getting you killed with no benefit to your own children, suddenly the people who worked harder could store food and were more likely to survive a bad patch. Their children were more likely to survive. The extra production allowed civilisations to flourish, in a positive feedback loop.

But at the same time we are still held back by those still stuck in the group food-pooling mode, due to a million years of communism and belief that one is entitled to the fruits of other people’s work. This is the likely basis for the 50:50 divide between left and right in politics, throughout the civilised world. Society couldn’t advance until there were at least 50% happy workers, but the extra production meant that it was hard to reduce the proportion of socialists below 50%.

Until covid vaccination came along. Covid would have the same effect on the unvaccinated of all political persuasions. But according to this article, by late 2022 some 91% of Democrats had been vaccinated but only 63% of Republicans. That differential will have consequences over time.

It was easy enough to predict that vaccination wouldn’t work for a corona virus (because they mutate too fast). Some virologists tried to warn us that vaccination would make it worse, due to antibody-driven enhancement. And so it has come to pass. In late 2022 the Cleveland Clinic produced a report on the effect of vaccination on 51,017 of its employees. The report found that the risk of contracting covid increases with each vaccination:



The vaccinated soon have a rate of covid infection that is about three times the rate of the unvaccinated. The vaccinated will develop long covid three times faster than the unvaccinated and be taken out of the labor force and then the gene pool.

How so? The effects of covid become worse with each reinfection. There is no herd immunity, no individual immunity, no immunity at all. From the recent paper “Acute and postacute sequelae associated with SARS-CoV-2 reinfection” which analysed the electronic healthcare database of the US Department of Veterans Affairs:



That paper details the damage with each infection by 11 parameters but the hospitalisation rate tells you all you need to know — the effect of each reinfection is worst than the last. And if you have had a procedure, such as covid vaccination, that proved to be iatrogenic, well that just speeds up the journey to the grave.

The future is skewed to the unvaccinated and there are four times as many Republican unvaccinated as Democrat unvaccinated. Though the current time is dark and unhinged, there is the potential for our children to inherit a saner world as the loonier elements leave the gene pool.


David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia.