Cuba Explained

Cuba Explained

by David Archibald

7 May 2018


As Kipling said, “And what should they know of England who only England know?

The keenest appreciation of our society comes from people who have experienced other forms of human organisation. From an online blog, a Cuban-born American oilman explains Cuba:

I escaped Cuba in December 1966 when I was 14 years old. I was sent to Spain on a charter flight with 152 children and 4 Dutch chaperones. I was one of 8,000 children secretly sold by the regime in exchange for hard currency. The UN had established refugee camps for us in the outskirts of Madrid, mostly because it was warmer, and the staff spoke Spanish.

They had a system to place us with volunteer families who agreed to take us in until relatives showed up. I was lucky because I had very good grades, was healthy, and was a really good chess player. This put me at the top of the list, and the following year (1967) I was placed with a family in a Jewish neighborhood in the NY City suburbs. They treated me well, made me a room in their basement, and I went to a Jewish school where my chess skills were really appreciated, so I was quite popular. I’ve always had a lot of luck. One reason why I help Venezuelans escape and send them medicines is as a form to pay back all the help I got when I was younger.

Regarding Cuba, the regime is unlikely to change because Raúl Castro remains Communist party chairman, his son Alejandro controls the security services, and his ex son in law controls GAESA, the military conglomerate which makes deals with foreign multinationals to rent them slave labor. (When a corporation makes a deal in Cuba, it forms a joint venture with GAESA. Part of the deal is to have the JV use Cuban labor at rates close to what’s paid in free Caribbean nations. But this is paid to GAESA, the Cuban slaves receive 8% of what’s charged in local pesos, so what multinationals do is cooperate with a form of serfdom or slavery.)

private restuarant in Cuba

Private restaurant in Cuba

The Castro regime insists Marxism has to work (which of course doesn’t). But over the years it has evolved to accept multinational investments (mostly Canadian and European), and allows a very small private sector, which it chokes down whenever it starts being successful.

The Castro regime is involved in the ongoing destruction of Venezuela and what has now become a calibrated genocide and massive refugee exodus. They are willing to go to extremes to remain in partial control of Venezuela because that’s where they have been getting most of their income. Therefore the dictatorship’s survival hinges on whether they can get the genocidal regime in Caracas to survive. They have good odds because most countries really don’t care when communists are murdering people.

He adds:

And I’m bothering to tell you my story to silence your commie bullshit AND also because I want people to know that I was really really helped by many people in Spain and in the USA so I could get to write this story. Without them, I would have died in Cuba many years ago.


I’m for free speech, like what Jordan Peterson says, and support building a huge wall on the Mexico border to allow legal immigration of carefully screened individuals and families who will integrate into USA western civilized English common law respecting culture (which happens to be the best humanity has created).

Here endeth the lesson.


David Archibald is the author of American Gripen: The Solution to the F-35 Nightmare