The kit that rid Uttar Pradesh of covid

The kit that rid Uttar Pradesh of covid. By Robert Malone.

If adjusted for mortality as a function of population (total cases per 1M population), the US ranks 19th out of 234 nations (2,614 deaths/1 million). In contrast, India comes in at 130 out of 234 with 347 deaths/1 million. The overall world average for deaths/million population is 712.

Uttar Pradesh — population 243 million

What public policies are responsible for this amazing difference in outcomes?

The curious case of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is often cited. Densely populated, relatively poor, and they have absolutely crushed the COVID-19 death curve.



Widespread availability of a package distributed throughout the region, rumored to contain the repurposed drug Ivermectin, have often been credited for this amazing success. But until now, these rumors have remained unsubstantiated. …

Prompted by my specific request that she seek out evidence of the contents of these “care packages” which have been made available throughout the region, she returned with the following photograph of the list of ingredients. As is often observed, a picture is worth a thousand words.

So, without further ado, I am glad to finally be able to provide photographic evidence of what is responsible for the miracle of Uttar Pradesh. I have nothing more to add, other than that an apology is owed (By Mr. Berenson and many others) to the many brave physicians who have persisted, against enormous coordinated media and governmental pressure, to prescribe this agent as a key component of the staged early treatment protocols responsible for saving countless lives across the USA and the world.

This kit was distributed to millions in Uttar Pradesh. It is responsible for crushing the death curve, above.

Can we have some of those in the West, please?

“No” says the bureaucracy. Not in Australia anyway, where ivermectin is banned by the TGA.