20 Individuals at the Capitol on January 6th Connected to Antifa or Far Left Groups

20 Individuals at the Capitol on January 6th Connected to Antifa or Far Left Groups. By Jim Hoft.

Recently The Gateway Pundit put together a list of 20 individuals who were at the Capitol on January 6th. We are asking law enforcement and internet sleuths to help us identify these individuals who do not appear to be Trump supporters. Some appear to be Antifa and others are known to be members of Antifa.

We looked at hours of video footage and created a list of some of the most violent individuals at the Capitol and others inciting violence and partaking in activities that Antifa is known for. Many of these individuals appear to be related to Antifa and some have already been identified …

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John Sullivan (we saw this guy before on WR) and Jade Sacker:

John Sullivan arranged an Antifa event at the Capitol on January 6th and was there at the Capitol building to film the massive crowd of people. He was wearing a MAGA hat and mingling with the Trump supporters as one of them. He was accompanied by Jade Sacker who has connections to NPR and CNN who was also filming. When they breached the capitol building, John can be heard saying things like “We need to burn this B*&tch down!” and corralling people to go further into the building. When John and Jade were standing in the Rotunda, Jade exclaims “You were right, we did it!”, and John replied “I was trying to tell you… I couldn’t say much. You just have to watch my chat. Is this not going to be the best film you ever made in your life?” Clearly illustrating that they knew of and were part of a plan to breach the Capitol building.

John was also in the direct vicinity of the murder of Ashli Babbitt, and he was actively trying to convince the law enforcement officers to stand down and allow them through the closed doors. This ultimately ended with Ashli Babbitt being shot and killed by Capitol police from the other side of the closed door. …

Numbers 3 and 4, two adult males:

Individual wearing the red MAGA hat and yellow ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag draped around the front of his chest, in possession of a Kevlar helmet. He handed the Kevlar helmet to the individual wearing the fur hat and black t-shirt. Both individuals began aggressively hitting and kicking the glass door as officers stepped aside and watched. The individual wearing the fur hat removed his hat and began hitting the glass door with the Kevlar helmet. Ashli Babbitt attempted to climb through the door and she was shot and killed. Then individual number 1 went down the stairs and changed his clothes standing next to the police. …

Person of Interest Number 13:

1 Individual – Operative with “Red Cross tape on backpack.”

It is well-known that Antifa is highly organized and commonly appoints a “medic” role during their planned black bloc street violence. The “medic” typically has no medical training and is often seen assaulting their opposition whether it’s police or Trump supporters.

During the US Capitol protests, a “medic” is seen walking the halls before Ashli Babbit was shot dead by Capitol Hill police.

This is an Antifa tactic. When was the last time you saw an assigned “medic” at a Trump rally? Never-right? Because there is never violence at a Trump rally unlike the BLM or Antifa riots.

And so on for twenty people of the left identified by Gateway Pundit.

So why can’t the FBI do this? It’s been over a month now. They’ve had plenty of time. Obviously they don’t want to release the results, because they would be embarrassing to the narrative.