New Study: Dominion and Hart voting machines fraudulently increased Biden’s vote by 5%

New Study: Dominion and Hart voting machines fraudulently increased Biden’s vote by 5%. From a report by DataScience and available here.

First, the investigators used census data to build a model to predict the percentage of votes for Biden in each county in the US. This is a fairly standard and reliable statistical exercise.

While naturally the percentage Biden actually achieved in each county fluctuates from the predicted value, we found for most counties the model does a good job in predicting what should be Biden’s percentage of votes won.

Next, they obtained a data file from the U.S. Election Assistance Commission showing the voting machines used by each county in the United States. They then compared the official votes for Biden with the predicted votes, and noticed that in counties with Dominion and Hart voting machines that Biden got about 5% to 6% more votes than expected:

The official Biden vote in counties using other types of voting machines was about the same or only slightly more than predicted.

The Dominion counties were, on average, performing continuously above the predicted values for Biden had the counties used any other machines. This indicates the potential fraud was widespread and impacted vote counts in a systematic method across many machines and counties. …

In normal circumstances any candidate should perform above expectations roughly 50% of the time and under-perform roughly 50% of the time.

We see this normal result in the “Other” machine counties, with candidate Biden performing “above” expected values 46% of the time. However, in the Dominion/Hart machine counties, Biden performs above expectations 78% of the time.

This is highly indicative (and 99.9% statistically significant) that result manipulation could be occurring with the Dominion/Hart machines.

Could this statistical finding of fraud be due to something else? Almost certainly not:

One natural reaction to this analysis is to ask, “But what if the Dominion machines are only in Democratic strongholds and that is the cause of the pattern?” or “What if the votes for Biden came to a high degree from urban areas?”

It is important to understand that the analysis above is not directed at a single or handful of counties. If a single “dirty” county inflated vote totals for a candidate this analysis would not pinpoint that occurrence. Instead, this information uses data from all counties in the United States to see if there is a discernable widespread pattern involving type of voting machine and vote totals.

Next, it is also simply not true that Dominion machines are only in strong Democratic counties. In Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan, for example — many rural counties that would be considered “Trump” counties use Dominion machines. The pattern of candidate Biden being “plus 5.6%” holds true across all Dominion-enabled counties, not just urban areas and Democrat strongholds.

In addition, the prediction values we developed for candidate Biden incorporated variables from the US census — including ethnicity, urban/rural indicators, and other economic indicators. All of these correlate with “traditional democratic strongholds” and urban/rural areas. Our analysis takes into account most, if not all, of these concerns. E.g., our predicted values already assign higher likely percentage of vote total for Biden in urban areas. Candidate Biden over-performed our estimates in these areas — by the same amount he over-performed in “Trump” counties.


It appears the fraud may have been some type of systematic programming resulting in the “over-performance” of candidate Biden by approximately 5% in many of the counties in which the machines were used. The increases in votes occurred in hundreds of counties in the U.S.

The election results from any county in the U.S. that used Dominion BMD machines or Hart Intercivics machines are, in our opinion, not reliable. Federal, State and local officials should take every possible action to investigate and correct the calculated tallies of their elections if they used any of these machines in the vote counting.

In cases where this is not one hundred percent possible, authorities should nullify the vote from their election due to lack of certainty in the results.

That confirms the general thrust of Sidney Powell’s complaints about the Dominion machines. Do the Hart machines use the same or similar software?

In any case, this proves beyond reasonable doubt that one of the methods of fraud used in this election was that the Dominion and Hart voting machines were rigged in favor of Biden to the tune of about 5%. That alone would be enough to flip the election. (Those machines were used in a sizeable minority of counties, including the swing states.).

The US needs to hold a do-over election, at least in the six swing states.

Stephen writes:

How high is the mountain of evidence now? Everest, or non-existent as the shameless liars in the MSM would have it?

Do the thought experiment: switch Trump for Biden and Republican for Democrat, yet leave everything else the same. Would the corrupt MSM watch Republican operatives pull out cases of ballots from under tables and then say, “nothing to see here, move along”? Not for a nanosecond.

The lying MSM spent three years passionately screaming about election integrity on the basis of absolutely nothing. (Actually it was something: a fraudulent dossier bought and paid for by the hopelessly corrupt Clintons). Yet, now the MSM are passionately uninterested. Or is it hostilely uninterested?

hat-tip Stephen Harper