Australian ABC Q&A Feminist Panel Advocates Political Violence

Australian ABC Q&A Feminist Panel Advocates Political Violence, by Tim Wilms.

Last night’s Q&A Broadside festival special featuring an all feminist panel hosted by Fran Kelly in Melbourne crossed the line. It advocated political violence unchallenged, with one panelist even suggesting a male genocide may be necessary as a final solution in fighting patriarchy. …

[Broadside festival speaker Mona Eltahawy] believes in using “justifiable violence” against men in order to dismantle the “patriarchy”. She concludes being civil, respectful and polite is “ineffective”.

52-year-old Eltahawy was born in Eygpt but moved to New York City and became an American citizen in 2000. Since then she has expanded her women’s rights activism in the Islamic world to lumping male Islamic female abusers with western white men.

Mona Eltahaway suggesting a million men may need to be killed, just for being men. The ABC are cool with this incitement.

Eltahawy got the opportunity to advocate for violence when audience member Murray Saunder asked his pre-approved question to the panel ‘When trying to effect significant change, when are aggression and violence a better option than assertiveness, strong arguments and modeling the behaviour you expect of others?

Eltahawy replied: ‘I’m going to answer it with another question. How long must we wait for men and boys to stop murdering us, to stop beating us and to stop raping us? How many rapists must we kill? Not the state, because I disagree with the death penalty and I want to get rid of incarceration and I’m with you on the police. So I want women themselves… As a woman I’m asking, how many rapists must we kill until men stop raping us?

Host Fran Kelly’s response to this incitement to gendered violence on national television was: ‘So, Mona, them’s fighting words. Spectator Australia is already saying Mona is promoting violence. That’s what you’re doing?’ …

The other female panelists Ashton Applewhite, Hana Assafiri, Nayuka Gorrie, and Jess Hill did not challenge Eltaway’s violent views. The rest of the discussion was not much better, despite these women being given the biggest platform in the nation to air their views they still believed they were all oppressed.

Won’t it be great when demographic change and the left’s control of the education system ensure that people like this are in charge? So progressive! The ABC is leading us to a new, wonderful world. Tax money well spent.