A photo that’s censored by Twitter

A photo that’s censored by Twitter, by Lion of the Blogosphere.

It’s a scene from the movie To Kill a Mockingbird, based on a book that my school made me read in the 8th grade. In the book, attorney Atticus Finch had a client who was a black man accused of rape.

The lesson of the book is that people are innocent until proven guilty, even if the accused is someone you don’t like, such as a black person. Yes, today everyone loves blacks, but not so much in the South in the 1950s when the book was written. Back then, a black person accused of a crime was automatically presumed guilty by racist white Southerners.

And today, liberals hate conservative men with perhaps an even greater hatred than racist white Southerners in the 1950s hated blacks.

Mike Street Station:

Other than the photoshopped in “Believe all Women” signs in the background, there isn’t any of the typical meme text. The picture says it all. So no wonder it’s banned.


That’s a brilliant photo. One of my sons told me that social media platforms are cracking down on memes because the right is really good at them and the left isn’t. I hadn’t noticed but he’s right. It seems the group out of power tends to be a lot better at comedy and poking fun. First, because they’re more motivated. But also because the excesses of the group in power are easier to make fun of.

This may appear a contradiction since so many comedians are leftwing. But that’s only because the left controls the microphone.


Twitter censors people, not photos. If it censors a person, all pictures posted by that person are marked sensitive. So if you see a photo marked sensitive, it doesn’t mean anyone made any judgement about that particular picture.


Southern whites never hated blacks, not even in the 50s. They thought they were a childish, troublesome and crime prone population on average who could inflict a lot of social damage if not controlled, but they didn’t hate them. Not in the way northern liberals get a salvational rush out of hating southerners. The problem isn’t blacks or southern whites. The problem is northern white liberals.