Vladimir Putin should have received the Nobel peace prize?

Vladimir Putin should have received the Nobel peace prize?

by Captain Mzungu

21 October 2022


There is a joke, a folk’s tale really, being circulated among mathematicians worldwide as to why mathematics does not have its place in the categories of Nobel prizes. Chemistry, physics and medicine are there but mathematics is notably absent from the coveted list. Apparently Alfred Nobel’s female partner would have cheated on him with a mathematician…hence no math prize.

Jokes aside, all categories are worthy of world recognition except crucially for two of them, peace and economics as they are heavily tainted by politics. I personally thought the peace prize to be worthless and stopped paying attention altogether when Yasser Arafat won it in 1994. I thought I may forgive the Norwegians but they doubled down with Al Gore and Barack Obama. And yet, I kept hoping for that prize to free itself from political influences and regain its true value.



As the words “nuclear” and “war” began penetrating the news cycle of late, I thought this might be a crucial peace prize year and so I checked the list of nominees for 2022. Well well, you’d think the Nobel committee in Norway would be a little more forward thinking, alas the list was boringly predictable. Names like Greta Thunberg (of “how dare you?” fame), David Attenborough (the walrus killer himself) and of course Ukraine’s puppet president Volodymyr Zelenskyy appeared on the list of nominees. Having learned a few months ago that Ukraine had won the European Song Contest, with I must say one of the worst songs ever performed in that competition’s history, I thought the gold peace medal would be in the bag for Ukraine’s puppet comedian. But he didn’t get it. And neither did the fabricated Swedish teenage saint nor the walrus assassin. Two civil societies, one in Russia, the other in Ukraine and an activist from Belarus were the winners.

And this is where the Norwegian Nobel people lost me again. I am a firm believer that Russian President Vladimir Putin should have won it this year for exhibiting amazing restraint against provocations from a neocon-backed NATO, an ever eastward-pushing formidable force.

In 1991, as the iron curtain fell, the tacit agreement between the West and the suddenly defunct Soviet Union, although never signed, was for NATO to either be dismantled or at least to not expand eastward. Russia, the new country, watched western Europe and NATO push bit by bit towards the east and has been incredibly restrained. And let’s not kid ourselves, this amount of controlled behavior wouldn’t have been possible without a cool and collected leader at the helm.

Alas, the tentacles of globalism and the people of Davos have penetrated every single western government and entities, the Nobel peace prize committee included. There are only three leaders with “cojones” in the world today, willing to tell the Davos people they are not welcome and to fight tooth and nail for the sovereignty of their respective countries: Donald Trump of the United States, Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil and Vladimir Putin of Russia.

I wish we had people of that caliber here in Australia but unfortunately we do not. What we have are weak and mediocre politicians, being counseled by McKinsey & Company or the Boston Consulting Group, and advancing the WEF globalist agenda. When the petrodollar finally faces its reserve currency moment of truth and is staring death in the face, one wonders what Australia’s choice will be, BRICS or G7?

I’m afraid I know the answer to that question.