Treasonous Fraud in the Climate Change Act 2020 Inquiry

Treasonous Fraud in the Climate Change Act 2020 Inquiry

by David Archibald

12 December 2020


It used to be said that Australia was 10 years behind the United States. Well, in some respects we have caught right up, unfortunately. There was a massive vote fraud in the US presidential election, with blocks of hundreds of thousands of votes for Biden dropped into the results in the early hours of the morning. If that fraud is allowed to stand, the consequences for civilization are dire. There wouldn’t be another fair election in the United States until the whole system is overthrown.

In Australia a similar fraud has just been attempted by the Standing Committee on Energy and Environment and the consequences are just as dire. As explained by this recent article, the Climate Change Bill 2020 from the member for Warringah, Zali Steggall, is an act of treason in that it will weaken Australia in its likely war with China. War with China is an existential threat.

Global warming is the religion of choice for militant atheists, without which their meaningless lives would feel shallow, hollow, depressing and purposeless. They were relatively harmless when they just told scare stories to each other and frightened the children. But with this act things have become serious — life and death serious.

So where does the fraud come in? After Ms Steggall put up her bill it was referred to the Standing Committee on Energy and Environment, which in turn invited submissions from the public. The Committee has just published 70 of the 390 submissions received.

All the submissions published are in favour of the Climate Change Bill 2020. And none are against. This gives the impression that those who responded to the call for submissions were overwhelmingly in favour of passing the bill.

But if the numbers of the submissions are plotted, some interesting things are apparent:



In the graph above, each submission published is a blue bar. Blank space is unpublished submissions.

The inquiry received 90 submissions before it got one it deemed worthy of publishing — number 91. And then another 76 submissions before it received another one worthy of publishing — number 167.

Of the first 329 submissions received, only 11 were deemed worthy of publishing — all in favour of the Climate Change Bill 2020. This is 3.3% in favour, and likely reflects the true level of support for global warming zealotry in the Australian public.

So the call must have gone out to leftie groups to send more submissions, because of the next block of 60, mostly dated 27th November, only one submission was not published. This is submission number 368 which is the white stripe in the blue block in the graph above. This is very much like the Biden vote dumps in the middle of the night.

It appears to me that the Standing Committee on Energy and Environment set out to deliberately mislead the Australian public about the level of community support for the Climate Change Act 2020.

Which will hobble Australian industry, and thus Australia’s defence, prior to likely war with China. If it is passed, this act may well be responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Australian servicemen and civilians, as well as all the jobs lost in the meantime.

As such, this attempt to mislead is treason. So who are the traitorous bastards responsible? Following are the MPs who make up the Standing Committee on Energy and Environment:


MP Seat Party Telephone Email
Ted O’Brien Fairfax National 07 54792800
Josh Wilson Fremantle Labor 08 93358555
Bridget Archer Bass Liberal 03 63347033
Josh Burns Macnamara Labor 03 95348126
David Gillespie Lyne National 02 65864462
Zali Steggall Warringah 02 99776411
Rick Wilson O’Connor Liberal 08 90212044
Trent Zimmerman North Sydney Liberal 02 99299822


The fallout from the Brereton Report is instructive. The proper response to reading the Brereton Report would be to laugh and laugh, because obviously stories about whole villages where the men and boys had their throats slit, but without naming a single such village, is fiction for the credulous. But instead of laughing, our Defence Minister, Linda Reynolds, said it made her “physically ill”.

Which means that she has no understanding of the organisation she is in charge of, and most likely no curiosity about it either. Due to letters from displeased RSL branches, the PM is now considering removing her from her position. Because she understands nothing, she has just been a rubber stamp for the defence bureaucracy and monstrously wasteful projects like the French submarines.

So letters may have more effect. Here the postal addresses of the treasonous ones:


MP Seat Postal Address
Ted O’Brien Fairfax PO Box 1978, Sunshine Plaza QLD 4558
Josh Wilson Fremantle PO Box 1224, Fremantle WA 6160
Bridget Archer Bass PO Box 5035, Launceston TAS 7250
Josh Burns Macnamara 219 Barkly Street, St Kilda VIC 3182
David Gillespie Lyne PO Box 244, Wauchope  NSW 2446
Zali Steggall Warringah PO Box 450, Manly  NSW 2095
Rick Wilson O’Connor PO Box 10415, Kalgoorlie  WA  6430
Trent Zimmerman North Sydney PO Box 1107, North Sydney NSW 2060

This fraud on the Australian public should not be allowed to stand. If you are unhappy about it, let your local MP know why.


David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia