The Alarming Result of the UK Vaccination Experiment

The Alarming Result of the UK Vaccination Experiment

by David Archibald

26 October 2021


The first sign that something was going badly wrong with the UK vaccination program — and thus every other vaccination program on the planet — was this graph from this paper:


Figure 1: UK all-cause mortality by vaccination status


People took medical advice from a government that believes in global warming and ended up with a slightly higher death rate than the unvaccinated. Just hilarious. You would have to have a heart of stone not to laugh at the stupidity of it all. Governments go into full coercion mode on vaccination, and it just results in a higher death rate.

But the situation is fluid and getting worse rapidly. For the last six weeks, the UK Government has been releasing usable statistics on infection rates of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated by age group. The last report, for Week 42, included this graph:


Figure 2: UK infection rates by vaccination status and age group


The vaccinated in the 40-49 age group have a 124% higher infection rate than the unvaccinated. To be clear, for every unvaccinated person in that age group who gets infected, 2.24 vaccinated people get infected.

This is not how vaccines are supposed to work. Each infection with covid does the health damage equivalent to 10 to 20 pack-years of smoking. So even though the vaccinated have a lower chance of dying from a covid infection than the unvaccinated, they are accumulating damage with each covid infection which will end their life from heart attacks, strokes, brain damage etc. And shuffle off this mortal coil faster than if they had remained unvaccinated.

How much faster?  Well, that is changing on a weekly basis and at an alarming rate:


Figure 3: Weekly increases in UK covid infection rate by age group. The increases are increasing as the weeks go by.


Figure 3 shows the last six weeks of data for the UK. For the first four of those weeks, the increase in infection rate was about 4% per week. But for the last couple of weeks it has increased by 20% per week. As the bulk of this group have been vaccinated for some time, it seems that there is some feedback loop involved that has now crossed a threshold. As to the mechanism involved, it may be the spike protein attacking the immune system. Or it could be the spike protein causing mitochondria to fuse with that process ongoing. This would be a mechanism that proceeds without circulating spike protein.

The control group is the unvaccinated:


Figure 4: UK unvaccinated covid infection rate by age group per 100,000 individuals and weekly report


For the unvaccinated, the infection rate has fallen slightly, as you would expect. Infection provides partial protection against re-infection. This might last six months on average, though people have been re-infected after as little as three weeks. It is a different story for the vaccinated. The infection rate continues to rise:


Figure 5: UK vaccinated covid infection rate by age group per 100,000 individuals and weekly report


The test group in the UK vaccination experiment isn’t doing too well. The increase of the covid infection rate is concentrated in the 40-49 age group. The rapidity of the increase relative to the rollout of the vaccination program means that the mechanism is internal to each vaccinated person. Right at the moment there is no end in sight. Covid will become largely a disease of the vaccinated.

To mitigate the ongoing damage from vaccination, the vaccinated could try:

  1. Dosing themselves with ivermectin to soak up spike protein.
  2. Heavy dosing with anti-oxidants such as vitamin C and N-acetylcysteine.
  3. Get their vitamin D3 level to at least 70 ng/ml.

These things may or may not work, but if they don’t work, the outlook is grim.

The vaccinated have just made themselves more susceptible to covid infection, while the virus mutates to a more infectious and deadly form. The escape mutant cometh. We will be seeing more headlines like this:

When it does come, only ivermectin, zinc and a perfect vitamin D3 status will save us.

Vaccination is not life-affirming, it is a death trap. But to repeat myself, what else would you expect from a government that believes in global warming?

The vaccinated have more to fear from the Australian Government flipping to ‘let it rip’ than the unvaccinated. They may not take that news well. And the vaccinated need ivermectin more than the unvaccinated do.

Some immunologists have called covid ‘an extinction level event’. Vaccination has just sped up the process.


David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia.