Speech at Public Rally in Perth 20th February 2021

Speech at Public Rally in Perth

by David Archibald

20 February 2021


From the book of Revelation:

And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

What has seven heads? The standing committee of the Politburo of the Chinese Communist Party. In 2012 the number of members of the standing committee of the politburo was reduced from nine to seven. No doubt to properly align with Biblical prophecy.



The Chicoms are the biggest near term threat to our health, wealth and wellbeing. What our American cousins call life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The world’s China delusion is over. For decades our degenerate elite sold us out to Chinese interests.

That included Colin Barnett giving a Chinese company preferential treatment in handing out land in the Ord Scheme, Andrew Robb taking $880,000 per year to promote Chinese interests, our Federal Government for allowing the sale of the Port of Darwin to Chinese interests, and the Federal Government again for so far neglecting to take it back, and our degenerate universities for prostituting themselves to have Chinese students. The list goes on.

Australia needs a national register of quislings, so that when China’s war starts we can intern them for the duration and stop them doing further damage to our country.

Most of the countries of the world are now distancing themselves from China out of sheer repulsion and distrust.

But why should you trust my judgement on such matters? The earliest reference to the coming war with China was an article in 2005 by Robert Kaplan, entitled How We Would Fight China.

I was a bit later — in 2012 I started a website called Boycott China. In 2014 I wrote a book entitled Twilight of Abundance, which included a chapter on China’s war. Ten years ago it was obvious to me that the Chicoms would not feel fulfilled until they had a war in which they killed a lot of non-Chinese. It might be called a war but it is in fact premeditated murder on a massive scale.

The Chinese communists are unpleasant people. They are people you would not invite home to dinner. People with whom you should have as little to do with as possible. People you should not let into the country. People who should not be allowed to buy property in this country, just as we are not allowed to buy property in theirs.

At the moment the Chicoms are trying to maximise the economic damage they can do to Australia, with their bans on Australian coal, barley, wine, copper, sugar, timber and crayfish. Just in case anybody in Australia missed the message, the Chicoms hate us.

Those bans are also telling us to decouple from China as fast as possible.

The Chicoms correctly see that Australia is run by self-loathing loonies and thus we are the weakest link in the Quad. The Quad is the informal alliance between India, Australia, Japan and the US to thwart Chicom aggression.

Just how loony are our leaders? Well, when China banned Australian coal, the first utterance of our then trade minister, one Simon Birmingham, was but, but, but …. it would increase China’s carbon dioxide emissions if China used lower quality coal from other countries. Hasn’t China considered the consequences? The grave consequences of increasing carbon dioxide emissions? Our Simon is the sort of idiot child that you have to explain things to, things that are obvious to everyone else.

What is obvious to everyone else is that global warming is just a charade, made up to give communists an excuse to control the rest of us. Simple Simon has been moved on to another portfolio where he can do less damage.

China couldn’t give a tinker’s cuss about carbon dioxide and is only going along with the charade of reducing emissions in the far distant future, because, as Napoleon said, “Never interrupt the enemy when he is making a mistake.”

All the renewable energy we have taken on in our power supply, all the net zero emissions business, all the concern about global warming, all the hydrogen nonsense, is weakening our economy and making us poorer for no good reason.

It will also make it harder to fight the Chicoms in their war of choice. More Australians will die in that war because we won’t have the money to buy the missiles we will need, because that money was wasted on solar panels bought from China.

It will be hard to run a war when we are having power blackouts, because the global warming loons closed our coal-fired power stations, as the juvenile running WA’s Liberals has promised to do.

But the loathing by our degenerate elite includes hating Australian troops, introducing another level of difficulty in fighting a war for our national survival. I am referring, of course, to the notorious Brereton report, written at great expense by the loathsome Major General Brereton.

The major general’s vile scribblings maligning our special forces who served in Afghanistan is called a report even though it is a work of fiction. How do we know it is a work of fiction? Because it breathlessly described our special forces visiting Afghan villages, taking away the men and boys, torturing them for three days and then slitting their throats.

The report made it seem that this was something that happened a lot. That there would be multiple villages with only the women and girls left and nobody to bury the men and boys with their throats slit. But it did not name a single such village even though the report implied there should be a lot of them.

Therefore the Brereton report is a malicious work of fiction, concocted to malign Australian troops. From the fevered imagination of a major general who hates Australian troops, N.C.O.s and warrant officers in particular.

Of course the current situation in Australia’s defence forces reminds us of the early years of the World War Two. Australia’s conduct of the war was being poorly managed by our high command. Then on 13th August, 1940 a Hudson bomber carrying most of Australia’s high command crashed on approach to Canberra airport. It was a national deliverance and killed off the incompetents who, by their idiocy, had been killing our troops in the field. New people were appointed to replace them and Australia’s conduct of the war improved dramatically.

We desperately need another plane crash to wipe out our high command. At least a 737-sized crash to take all the global warming loons, cross-dressers and gender diversity parasites in the ADF, all the officers who believed the Brereton report and thus despised their own troops, and other discredited elements.

In your prayers tonight, pray for that to happen as soon as possible, for Australia’s sake. Pray for it every night until our prayers are answered. Deliverance won’t happen without effort on our part.

I should acknowledge that one of the Army’s cross dressers once said something useful. David Morrison, formerly chief of the army, he of the wearing women’s shoes in public, said “The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.”

Well I won’t walk past the fact that, after Morrison retired, he was paid $200,000 per annum by consulting firm Deloitte to advise on diversity.

Now a consulting firm like Deloitte only pays that sort of money in expectation of a future benefit that is a multiple of the outlay. The signal that Deloitte was sending to our defence hierarchy is that if they continue to send consulting contracts to Deloitte, then that will be reciprocated in retirement with a topup to their pension.

But this particular cross dresser’s standard is useful in other fields.

Take global warming and our federal politicians. At the moment only Craig Kelly, George Christiansen and Matt Canavan have unequivocally said that global warming is nonsense. As for the rest, by their silence they are supporting the loons who want to make us all poorer and put the nation’s existence at risk.

For no good reason at all because carbon dioxide is tuckered out as a greenhouse gas. From this point, once humanity has dug up all the rocks we can economically burn, and burnt them, the temperature of the atmosphere might rise by point zero two of a degree.

No matter how sensitive a creature you are, you would not be able to tell the difference. In fact the increase from carbon dioxide will be overwhelmed by natural variation and the Earth’s climate is more likely to plunge into a new cold period.

On top of all that, the global warmers have got it completely the wrong way round. Increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is wholly beneficial, mainly due to 20% higher crop yields. There is no downside to higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Global warming is the religion of choice for militant atheists, without which, their meaningless lives would feel shallow, hollow, depressing and pointless. Like all zealots, they are trying to force their whacko religion on the rest of us. This is beyond being tedious – it is putting the nation at risk.

We are gathered together today in the seat of Curtin which has Celia Hammond as its sitting member in federal parliament. What has she said of global warming? Nothing, nothing at all, on one of the biggest issues of the day. She has had decades to think about it. Yet she is as silent as the grave. By her silence she is condemned as an Australia-hater. Curse her in living and curse her in dying. Celia Hammond deserves to end up in one of Dante’s inner circles of hell and be tormented to the end of time. As does most of the rest of federal parliament.

Apart from Kelly, Canavan and Christiansen, they are either evil — in promoting global warming — or gutless and stupid in not opposing it. In selling out Australia to the global warmers, they are weakening us just as effectively as if they were taking money from the United Front Work Department.

The time for choosing, as Ronald Reagan said, is long past.

Our parliamentarians can’t change position now, on global warming, and expect to be forgiven for all the damage they have done to the country, and our children’s standard of living, and the prospects of our grandchildren.

It is time for quoting Cromwell in reference to our politicians:

Ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage.



The next cathartic event coming up for Australia is war with China. We can win that war if we want to. But we have to decide to win that war. China’s GDP is only ten times that of Australia.

Their population is fixty-six times larger than ours. That big population is a weakness, not a strength. It makes them far more unstable than if they had a population one third that size. China can’t feed themselves at the moment through their own efforts. They will have to import far more food as the climate cools.

For many decades tiny Israel was able to fight off Arab forces that were backed with a population one hundred times larger than Israel’s. And the evolution of electronics has favoured the defence, which is what we will be doing.

If the Chicoms spend $200 million on building a ship, we only have to spend $5 million on missiles to sink that ship. After all, nobody on the side of the angels in this battle wants to set foot in China.

To take over the world, the Chicoms have to build a lot of ships. And to stop them, all we have to do is sink those ships. And sinking ships at great distances has become a lot easier over the last couple of decades with the evolution of processing power in electronics.

But it would help if we had the right weapons. The air force is buying F-35s for our air defence. Much has been written about the deficiencies of the F-35. I have contributed a book to the literature about the sheer wretchedness of the F-35.

Suffice it to say that the last US Secretary of Defense, Christopher Miller, said in a press conference in January that the F-35 is “a piece of shit”.

Let that sink in for a moment. The then head of the US military, only last month, said that the F-35 is “a piece of shit”. No doubt Mr Miller has been reading reports that the rest of us don’t get to read. We can take Mr Miller’s opinion as gospel. He will not be getting a seat on the board of Lockheed Martin, as a former commander of the US Marine Corps recently did.

The F-35 is truly a dog of an aircraft. Without proper fighter aircraft, we are effectively defenceless. The solution to that problem, the most cost-effective solution, is to make the Gripen fighter in Australia.

It is a similar story with our submarines. One of the few correct decisions Tony Abbott made as prime minister was to go for the Japanese submarines, the best conventional submarines on the planet. Turnbull, being a narcissist and all-round Australia-hater, felt compelled to destroy Abbott’s legacy and so he cancelled the Japanese submarines and opted for French vapourware at great expense. It is time to ditch the French submarines and revert to getting the Japanese ones.

There are many things we could do, and should do, but in the end China’s war may be “come as you are”. One thing we could do in a hurry would be to build a decent fuel stockpile in this country. A stockpile of at least 200 million barrels of diesel and jet fuel. But our idiotic government is hell bent on wasting money on all sort of idiotic schemes and is spending nothing on the things that matter.

They are wasting some $400 million on the black hole that is the hydrogen economy, for example. It is true that we should prepare for the time when all the coal and gas and oil have run out. But the only technology that can sustain our current standard of living is the right form of nuclear technology.

If we rely upon renewables, it will be a future of horse-drawn carts and civilizational collapse. Because solar panels are made in China using power costing four cents per kilowatt hour. Under ideal conditions in the Australian desert, those solar panels produce power costing twenty cents per kilowatt hour. If you tried to make solar panels with power produced by solar panels, the cost would be infinite.

The fact that we have solar panels littering our suburbs and the countryside is an artefact of cheap Chinese coal-based power. Nothing else. Solar panels are neither renewable nor sustainable. Wind turbines are the same. They are a false path for civilisation. A false path that leads to a dead end, a path chosen by idiots.

When China’s coal runs out, there will be no more solar panels from China. One day China’s coal will run out, our coal will run out some time after that.

But my time on this podium is up now and so I will hand you back to Michael to introduce another speaker.