Melanoma Protocol

Melanoma Protocol

by David Archibald

7 October 2021


A prominent Australian — at the National Living Treasure level — was diagnosed with melanoma two years ago. Given a three percent chancing of surviving a year using traditional medical treatment, he decided to formulate his own protocol instead. It worked, and he remains in the land of the living. His treatment uses some 40 different molecules. This is his inspiring story:

For some years I had various skin cancers burnt or cut out. In about 1988, I had Bowen’s Disease which may have been from an over exposure to the Sun or to arsenic, both of which I have been exposed to in my working life. In 2016, I had a skin melanoma appear very quickly and it was surgically removed.

This involves taking out a large piece of meat in order to remove all the dendritic roots. The GP who operated did not follow up with blood tests to determine whether there were circulating tumour cells or melanoma stem cells. The same GP tried to kill off a non-malignant skin lesion with liquid nitrogen many times. It did not work and he sent me to a plastic surgeon in January 2020 who was to remove it and cover with a flap.

However, I was to go to tropical Ecuador a few days later and instead he gave me a chemotherapy cream which cleaned it upon a few weeks. Just before I was to go to Ecuador, I was with my employer in Brisbane who saw me applying this cream, asked questions and insisted I go to his doctor in Melbourne. If the plastic surgeon had removed the lesion, I would have been dead now and I am grateful for the two coincidental events which led to detection.

At the time I was diagnosed, I was climbing the Andes and felt as fit as a Mallee Bull. My Melbourne medico took blood, I went to Ecuador and a couple of weeks later I received an email saying I had colon cancer (surgically removed in March 2020) and a high count for circulating tumor cells and melanoma stem cells. These sorts of blood tests are not normally conducted by GPs or oncologists, are not cheap, and are diagnosed using cancer cell markers. I returned to Australian on 28th February 2020, went to Melbourne for an eight-week treatment course that lasted over 10 months.

My wife stayed in Adelaide, I drove to Melbourne, rented apartments and catered for myself. With the three Victorian lockdowns, I could only focus on treatment and returned home to Adelaide in mid-December 2020. The reason why I got treatment in Melbourne and not Adelaide is because of the Melbourne medico and because at that time there was no radio wave hypothermia and hyperbaric treatment available in SA. Treatment was six days a week — exhausting, but the battle was not with treatment but between the ears.

The treatment I had derived from my medico having a road-to-Damascus conversion. He was a GP, then an anaesthetist, and then an oncologist who uses integrative medicine. He got cancer and cured himself. His son got cancer and is now cured. He realised that chemotherapy has a 2.3% success rate over a 4-year period with my very aggressive melanoma and this does not include the pain and suffering for a process that may extend life by 4 months. This is a 97.7% chance of death which did not appeal to me so I explored other options.

My melanoma tumors were micro tumors so there is nothing to aim a radiation beam at. This also means that there are no tumors into which a cancer drug can be injected. Notwithstanding, I would not have radiation therapy because it served no purpose. The approach that is being taken is one of immunotherapy by boosting my immune system. My immune system, T cells, and killer cells are boosted, they do the fighting inside my body. The five blood counts of tumor cells conducted to date show that circulating tumor cells and melanoma stem cell numbers are decreasing.

The protein shields on cancer cells need to be attacked, the cancer cells are very tricky and keep changing, rendering one attack method useless so a multi-pronged attack is necessary. There was and still is mass genocide taking place inside my body. The latest blood count of cells (30th March 2021) have my circulating tumor cells at the limit of detection and my stem cell count has me out of the level for metastasis. Most of the treatment I am having has about a 20% success rate for each individual drug or method but, together, the cancers don’t get a chance to create defence mechanisms, mutate, or change.

The aim is to hit the melanoma from every possible angle and to stop metastasizing. Once the circulating tumor cell and melanoma stem cell count is less than 2 cells/10 ml blood, then the chances of metastasizing are greatly reduced. I am there now and have gone from 19 to 2 cells/10 ml over a year of intense daily treatment. Many of the drugs I am using are out of patent and were used for other afflictions. Big Pharma makes very little money out of me, and I doubt if they have any concerns about health except to make money. As for saving lives, pull the other one — it has bells on it.

My positron emission tomography scan (PET scan) in March 2020 gave a null result, suggesting that I was either riddled with micro tumours (because of the 3 mm detection limit) or I had melanoma stem cells in my blood looking for a home for metastasis. I think the cytokine swarm (described later) associated with a sudden decrease in circulating tumor cells suggest that I had micro tumors all through my brain, lungs, liver, kidneys etc. waiting to grow and kill me.

I have spent more than 50 years as a scientist. My medico gives me scores of scientific papers on treatments, which we discuss because I am interested in the treatment, why a treatment has been chosen, and the side effects. I get a second and third opinion from medical friends, do not blindly follow what my medico says, and do not worship those who have a title in front of their name. I can send you these papers if you like, but a good start would be the book How to Starve Cancer. This is by a British lady (Jane McClelland) who had stage 4 cervical cancer, was given up for dead and, through drugs and diet, cured herself.

You must do what she did. Read everything published, change your lifestyle and especially diet. This is hard if you travel or go to work functions as I do. My side effects result from a barrage of pills, potions and powders, which give me nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. This I had continuously for five months in Melbourne. I guess I have to suffer to be beautiful.

A cocktail of chemotherapy drugs was developed in Salonica (Greece) from extracting melanoma stem cells from my blood and exposing 50 of these stem cell samples to various chemotherapy drugs to see what treatment was most effective for me because we are all very different, as are our cancers. I have had the six injections of this cocktail that is most effective in killing my melanoma stem cells. These 50 samples were also used to create a low dose immune injection fluid and to create person-specific gene silencing.

Most of the popular view on cancer is that it is a genetic disease. The other view is that it is a metabolic disease which affects your genes. The unanswered question is: does your cancer derive from what you put into your intestines? The approach that I am taking is that it is a metabolic disease and, with supplements and boosting one’s immune system, then the cancer can be fought with diet, supplements, infusions, and injections. I now know quite a few people undergoing the same treatment as me. Some started treatment at death’s door, with stage 4 cancer, and are still with us and have improved.

Oncology protocol



Life Extension Advanced Bio-curcumin Elite

Metagenics Bio Q-absorb Ubiquinol

p53 Gene Mutations

Metagenics Oxidant Protection


Life Extension Super Selenium

Metagenmics Inflavonoid Sustained Care



Tegaran (Genistein – Isoflavones)

Metformin 500mg

Melatonin 30 mg

Aspirin 300 mg


NK cell boosters

Life Extension Immune senescence formula

Life Extension IP6 cell forte

Life Extension Vitam D3 14,000 units

Metagenics Immunogenics

Metagenics Metazinc

Metagenics Super mushroom with astragalus

Metagenics Ultraflora immune enhance

BioMedica N-acetyl-cysteine

BioMedica Ribraxx

Omni Logic Plus



Low dose immunotherapy (made from my cells)

Tumour vaccine (from my own stem cells)



Vitamin C 90g/infusion (once a week)


(I think that both the curcumin and Vitamin C were good, I felt better and from all my reading could only help. I had a total of 376 infusions and my veins are like those of a heroin addict)







At least 4.5 hours per week of hypobaric treatment (2 bars pressure, 100% oxygen atmosphere and cancer cells are oxidised after being swamped with oxygen). After about 80 hours I had a cytokine swarm detected from blood tests and the body purged itself. I have since purchased a machine that gives me 93% oxygen at 1 bar, I’ve had 80 hours and my gut feeling in my head is that this was a very effective treatment of my cancer.

At least three hours per week of hyperthermic treatment (mainly using  40 and 27 MHz radio waves on the X and Y axes to induce a fever for 1.5 hours, killer cells get very active and cancer cells cannot take the heat as my internal body temperature is 42 degrees C). Twice I pegged out after this treatment, it is excessive and must be done under supervision. One can buy infrared tents that can do the same, but not as intensely. A sauna can also do the trick.

Sugar- and meat-reduced diet.

No alcohol (This I ignore when at functions).

Various other probiotic supplements depending upon how gizzards are behaving.

Sodium bicarbonate to raise blood pH.

A few times a week I have what I call goo. I mix up and eat/drink a mixture of raw vegetables for an evening meal chopped up in the blender comprising olive oil, CBD oil, beetroot, turmeric, ginger, garlic, spinach, celery, parsley, carrot, parsnip, beetroot, onion, potato, flax seed oil, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, radish, tomato, pumpkin, fruits and anything else I can get my hands on. I generally have too much garlic, beetroot, turmeric and ginger, this can permanently stain all sorts of kitchen implements and can make a dingo howl. I smell of garlic most of the time. This diet adds fibre, anti-oxidants, alkalinity and nutrients to the body.

It is a long and interesting journey. The process is very expensive, very draining, emotionally challenging, and physically demanding. If you ever want to lose weight, get cancer. Sell your Big Pharma shares because I am not helping them. After a huge amount of reading and discussing, I have not allowed my body to be bombarded by chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and I think I am on the right track. The numbers are showing that I am on the right track. I still have cancer and probably will have it for the rest of my life but now it is manageable. Don’t believe doctors. I read the literature and get second and third opinions. It is your life. Medicos don’t care if you live or die.

If I had not taken treatment from my Melbourne medico, for second and third opinions from people I know and trust, and been the patient from Hell, then I would not have made it into 2021 with such an aggressive cancer.


David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia