Further Results of the NSW Vaccination Experiment

Further Results of the NSW Vaccination Experiment

by David Archibald

1 September 2022


It is now one and a half years into NSW’s covid vaccination experiment and we can begin to start counting the dead. First up, how the vaccination cohorts have evolved over time:



There are some 8.2 million people in NSW. Seven million opted to participate in the vaccination experiment. Two and a half million stopped at two doses. The number of three doses participants peaked at 4.2 million. Of those, 1.5 million vaccination enthusiasts proceeded to a fourth dose. Enthusiasm for a fourth dose is dropping away:



The vaccination rate for the fourth dose has fallen to about four thousand per day on a weekday with the weekends free of vaccination. About a thousand per day are converting from two dose status to three doses. Presumably some of these would proceed to a fourth dose in time.

Now to the experimental results! First up — the hospitalization rates of each cohort:



That graph shows that the hospitalization rate for covid increases with the number of vaccination doses. This result is counterintuitive for what we might expect from a vaccine. The three dose rate is consistently higher than the two dose rate. The four dose rate is much higher again.

The gaps between dose rates are much more pronounced in the death statistics:



There is clear daylight between the two dose and three dose death rates. Getting the third dose was unwise and getting the fourth is a death wish.

Unfortunately the NSW Government has presented its covid statistics to obscure the results for the unvaccinated so we don’t have a control group locally. So let’s switch to Uttar Pradesh, a state in India, which recently is recording averages of 500 new cases per day and one covid death per day. This is from a population of 229 million people. That translates to 0.03 covid deaths per million of population per week in Uttar Pradesh. Anything the Indians choose to do, we can do too, surely? In the interim, any death rate in excess of Uttar Pradesh’s can be ascribed to our covid management protocols.

So, on to quantify the deaths due to the NSW covid vaccination experiment.



Annually the death rate runs to about 7,600. Multiply that by three to get an idea of what it is doing to the total country. Given what Uttar Pradesh is achieving, almost all those deaths, infections, suffering, long covid and the national hit on productivity can be attributed to the stupidity with which the covid pandemic has been managed by our medical authorities.

The question from here is: does it get worse or does it get better?  The flat death rate for the two dose cohort, the bulk of whom were dosed up over a year ago, suggests that the death rate will be flat. Once you have had a particular number of covid vaccine doses, you will have the death rate for that dose group to the end of time.

The vaccinated have a higher rate of covid infection than the unvaccinated due to original antigenic sin — their immune systems have been trained to fight a now extinct version of the spike protein and thus produce T cells that don’t bind properly. Each new covid infection delivers an insult to the immune system and eventually the effects of infection and vaccination will merge with time, and then the deaths will be more from cancers and other infections, due to covid but not attributable to it.

There is a ray of hope from those graphs. The recent downturn in hospitalization and death rates may be due to coming out of the nadir of midwinter vitamin D levels. Most Australians are deficient in vitamin D all year, it just gets worse in winter, with an average vitamin D level of about 25 ng/ml when the minimum level our bodies have evolved to run on is twice that at 50 ng/ml.

Health benefits keep accruing through 60 ng/ml. Now, vitamin D isn’t the silver bullet – at least one person with a blood level of 89 ng/ml was still infected by covid. But certainly infection rates and death rates are strongly inversely correlated with blood vitamin D level. And vitamin D and ivermectin have different modes of action with respect to covid so the combination should be synergistic.

It could be that the combination of vitamin D and ivermectin, possibly supported by minor players such as zinc, could get the R0 of covid under one and we could suppress covid to the point of zero transmission. Then it wouldn’t matter so much if one has taken a sip from the poisoned chalice of covid vaccination. Until then it would be wise to contact your federal representative to get the ban on ivermectin lifted. If they are not interested in doing that, they truly hate you.


David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia