Endemic Covid Will Kill Us All Reasonably Quickly

Endemic Covid Will Kill Us All Reasonably Quickly

by David Archibald

15 July 2022


Australia had zero covid for a while. That was thrown away for no good reason. The then Australian Government decided quite stupidly that the country can live with covid. Some people have already been infected four times, irrespective of vaccination status. With respect to vaccination, it has been said that ‘Getting four shots in 18 months is an IQ test, not disease prevention.’

So the question is: does covid get better or worse with each reinfection? And some people are being reinfected within four weeks of their last infection, irrespective of vaccination status. Anecdotally, subsequent infections are worse.

The first hard data on this effect is from a paper using data from the US Department of Veterans Affairs. From that paper, this is a table of consequences (sequelae) of covid infection by number of infections per one thousand people in each cohort:

1 infection 2 infections 3 infections
Hospitalization 169 209 677
Cardiovascular 52 94 146
Coagulation and Hematologic 39 57 96
Diabetes 29 65 94
Fatigue 82 77 150
Gastrointestinal 33 72 105
Kidney 52 57 117
Mental Health 87 264 352
Musculoskeletal 20 65 86
Neurologic 33 148 180
Pulmonary 73 95 168
Total of sequelae 501 993 1494


Let’s graph that up:



What is apparent is that there is no immunity.  Prior infection is just a pre-existing condition. Each infection, on average, gives you half a sequela. Some of the whacking each infection gives your organs would be subclinical, and thus the hospitalization rate rises faster than total sequelae.

There is no flattening out in the statistics to date.  There is just a steady march to death by covid. The number of infections to get to that state is likely inversely correlated with age. But at a certain stage in their collecting sequelae, people will drop out of the workforce and become a burden on society.  The health system will collapse first, then things will get ugly.

The logical conclusion is that for Australia to survive we have to go zero covid.

It will be easier than you might think. If a place like Shanghai, with a population the same size as Australia’s living on top of each other, can achieve that status, however briefly, we can do it too.

Especially if we’re not stupid about. The previous Liberal Government seemed intent on maximizing Pfizer and Moderna’s profits, ordering millions of useless vaccines, and at the same time outlawing prophylactic molecules including ivermectin and hydrochloroquine. Ivermectin is still being seized by Borderforce at our airports.

Let’s reverse all that. The federal government should offer, not compel, three monthly blood tests aimed at quantifying each individual’s serum levels of vitamin D, zinc, selenium, vitamin C, and iodine. And then send each individual a three month course of tablets containing those molecules (plus quercetin, vitamin K2, and ivermectin) and elements made for their specific status. This will dramatically lower the covid viral load in the community and make other elimination efforts much easier.

In the interim, before our new government proves that it is far less stupid than the previous one, warding off covid consists mainly of vitamin D supplementation and using cattle drench containing ivermectin. With respect to vitamin D, it is better to flirt with vitamin D side effects than get a whacking to your organs from covid. But you can take a hell of a lot of vitamin D with no ill effect. These tables from the FLCCC Alliance Covid-19 Management Protocol indicate how much Vitamin D you will need:




If and when our health system collapses, access to vitamin D may become problematic, so stockpile a lot in your fridge (the colder, the better). Ivermectin is even more benign than vitamin D. Just go out to a rural supplies store and get a brand like Cattlemax and rub it on at the rate of 0.4 mg of contained ivermectin per kg of body weight, at least weekly.


David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia