Covid: We Can’t Live With It

Covid: We Can’t Live With It

by David Archibald

22 March 2022


The covid virus is artificial. In the last two years we have found that it contains genetic sequences from HIV, swine flu and a Moderna cancer patent from 2017. So its designers chucked a bit of everything in, like the witches scene from Macbeth.

As a bioweapon, did it meet its creators’ expectations? Its creators were the funders of EcoHealth Alliance, which includes the US National Institutes of Health, USAID, US Department of Defense, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Google.

A John Hopkins pandemic planning exercise in 2015 suggests that the creators wanted something as infectious as SARS, but with the case fatality rate reduced from 30% to 0.6%. Why would you want to make a bioweapon that had a much lower death rate? Because if you kill too many people too quickly, the disease you have unleashed will be easy to track and eradicate. To achieve what covid’s creators wanted — which is to depopulate the planet — a disease that people might think they could live with, like the cold, but degraded them so that they became less productive and their societies ultimately collapsed, would work just as well.

In essence, covid can kill you on infection via the cytokine storm. If you survive that, and most people do, the designers of the virus threw in a couple of backup ways of killing you over the long term. Bioweapons researchers are particularly impressed by HIV as a disease, because it suppresses the immune system. That is why that part of HIV was thrown in. HIV was only discovered because it was causing a much higher incidence of Kaposi’s sarcoma than what would be expected; no doubt covid will have a predilection for a particular suite of cancers, though we will have to wait to find out what they are.

It is likely that the Chinese Government was not in on the creation of covid. Usually the Chicoms gloat when they are about to do something evil. There were no signs of that prior to the Wuhan lab escape.



The covid research was conducted in China because it was illegal to do it in the US. Batwoman of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Shi Zhengli, who did the lab work, was closely advised by Dr Ralph Baric of the University of South Carolina.



Dr Baric was the brains of the operation. Batwoman may not have told her work colleagues what the bits of genetic code thrown into the pot were for. But the Chinese Government would have extracted that information from her. In response they released covid to the world and went ‘zero covid’ in China.

It has been said that the reason why China has gone zero covid is because they have experience of how affected SARS survivors have performed as functioning members of society. Well, how have they gone? In a study of survivors of the 2003 outbreak, 4.6% were found to have pulmonary lesions on CT scans in 2018.

China is currently having a number of outbreaks of covid despite their immense efforts in eradicating the disease. And covid could yet make China unlivable. The Chinese have now dug up and burnt half of their original coal endowment. By their 40% savings rate, that energy was largely converted into forests of apartment buildings, with a lot of people owning two or three empty apartments as well as their principal residence. The apartment buildings will have a life of 50 years or so before they are pulled down. But just as SARS spread between floors in the Amoy Gardens apartment complex in Hong Kong in 2003, covid has been found to spread vertically in apartment buildings in Hong Kong. China’s apartment buildings could end up being disease incubators.

According to a Professor Nicholson, the biochemistry of covid is really similar to systemic lupus erythamatosus which is an autoimmune systemic disease that causes multi-organ damage including liver damage, skin damage, skin lesions (of course) and — interestingly —  extreme long term fatigue.

Succinctly, covid is a brain-invading bat virus that’s more infectious than measles. It is a vascular disease that can impact all organs due to blood flow. It’s also a T cell killer with a limited immunity period.

The impact of covid on specific organs and systems is discussed below.


The covid virus crosses the blood/brain barrier.  This paper found that acute neurological disorders occur in many patients and one-third of COVID-19 survivors suffer from brain diseases, including Alzheimers.

This paper found that a covid infection causes an 8% decrease in IQ, a mental decline equivalent to the brain aging by about 10 years.

Quinolinic acid is a molecule used in the laboratory to cause neurotoxicity and generate experimental models of Parkinson’s disease. Patients with covid have higher levels of quinolinic acid.

An anecdote with respect to the afflicted:

I just heard from two women with long covid, both in their early 40’s, just diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers.

In a Danish study of covid survivors, about 30% developed long covid with these reporting:

  • 46% physical exhaustion
  • 38% mental exhaustion
  • 30% difficulty concentrating
  • 29% memory issues
  • 23% sleep problems

Compared to 3% to 7% for controls.

Kidney Function

Hospitalized patients with SARS-CoV2 develop acute kidney injury (AKI) frequently, with adults having higher rates compared to children. This paper found a bimodal age distribution of AKI by age with peaks in older age (≥60 years) and middle childhood (5–15 years), which persisted despite controlling for illness severity, pre-existing comorbidities, or different baseline creatinine estimators.

From an online comment:

So it looks like I’ll come away from Omicron with a few “souvenirs”

  • Diabetes
  • Longterm anticoagulants
  • 2 inches less small intestine
  • 20 percent reduced lung function (likely will resolve)

So clearly letting it tear through populations is just fine.


The heart effects of covid and the vaccines are well known from the heart attacks of sportsmen and senators. In short, this study found that “Those who had had covid-19 had a 72% increased risk of heart failure, 63% increased risk of heart attack, and 52% increased risk of stroke compared with controls.”

An anecdote for an understanding of how to deal with a covid infection:

More than one year after my son fell ill from Covid and never fully recovered, he finally — after I demanded it — has a diagnosis of “post-covid” and finally — after I demanded them — had appropriate blood tests conducted. The result? The doctor just called to say we should take him to ER.

In this study, spike protein was injected into mice and where it ended up was mapped. Over 90% of the spike-positive cells were endothelia in microvessels. The spike protein is inducing fibrosis and turning vasculature to scar tissue.

Fibrosis is the terminal development of chronic inflammation in many organs. When tissue damage is severe, or repeated beyond the regeneration ability of surrounding parenchymal cells, fibroblasts are recruited and activated to mediate this injury. Activated fibroblasts deposit collagen to repair the damaged tissue. However, when this wound-healing response is dysregulated, it can result in reduced tissue function due to increased thickness, stiffening and altered vascularisation.


It is hard to imagine a worse strategy than universal vaccination against a single, obsolete virus protein. Every booster dose just further ingrains this off-target immunity, ultimately assisting covid in its spread.

In causing mild, fleeting illness in most of those infected, Omicron spreads more effectively and it provokes fewer antibodies, expanding its prospects for reinfection and continued, endemic circulation. Spike damage accumulates whatever the source, virus or vaccine.

How vaccination actually works is shown by the following graphic:



The shell of the virus is a weave of M-protein (orange-coloured in the lefthand image), E-protein and lipid layer. When antibodies attach to an M-protein, they encouraged opsonosins  (C3b in the right hand image) to attach to the lipid layer. Opsonosins guide the formation of the membrane attack complex, bursting the shell and setting the N-protein free. The N-protein is the grey vomit snake looking thing in the lefthand image. As with SARS and MERS, the N-protein of the covid virus is highly inflammatory. The N-protein is the killing part of the virus for most people that die with covid.

Immune System

Covid has been called a serial lymphocyte killer because profound and protracted lymphopenia is a near uniform finding among patients with severe covid and correlates with morbidity and mortality.

Autopsies demonstrate a devastating depletion of lymphocytes in the spleen and other organs. CD4, CD8, and natural killer cells, which play important antiviral roles, are depleted and have reduced function, leading to immune collapse. Two-thirds of hospitalized patients have abnormally low lymphocyte counts.

Analyses carried out on blood samples from patients show that they had an immune deficiency at the time of their arrival at the hospital and that its extent was linked to the severity of the disease.

Reproductive Tract

This paper found that macrophages and spermatogonial cells are the main SARS-CoV-2 lodging sites, and where new virions form inside the Endoplasmic Reticulum Golgi Intermediate. From that paper: “infiltrative infected monocytes migrate into the testicular parenchyma. SARS-CoV-2 maintains its replicative and infective abilities long after the patient infection, suggesting that the testes may serve as a viral sanctuary. Further, infected testes show thickening of the tunica propria, germ cell apoptosis, Sertoli cell barrier loss, evident hemorrhage, angiogenesis, Leydig cell inhibition, inflammation, and fibrosis. Finally, our findings indicate that high angiotensin II levels and activation of mast cells and macrophages may be critical for testicular pathogenesis.”

Researchers have also experimented on hamsters, and found:

  • A sharp drop in sperm count and serum testosterone of infected hamsters four to seven days after infection.
  • Inflammation, degeneration and death of testicular tissue persisted seven to 120 days after infection

The common cold doesn’t do this sort of damage. And begs the question: If a child is re-infected with covid two to three times a year for 10 years, will he be able to reproduce after adolescence? Parents won’t like a negative result.

Vaccination and Immunity

Vaccination efficacy wanes rapidly. But a high proportion of the vaccinated have spat the dummy at the prospect of having endless boosters until Judgement Day.

The vaccinated have a higher infection risk than the unvaccinated, as shown by UK covid data for Week 11 of 2022:



The significance of this UK data is that the vaccinated (defined as two doses and a booster) have a covid incidence four times that of the unvaccinated. They are accumulating spike protein damage at four times the rate of the unvaccinated. Vaccination may have made them permanently more likely to be infected by covid. It may also have made them more likely to develop cancers that might otherwise be kept in remission by their immune systems, as well as other circulatory and organ-specific problems.

Nevertheless, it is wise to understand what went on in the vast vaccination experiment for a more complete understanding of the disease.

This paper found that vaccination produces IgG (immunoglobulin G) responses to spike and RBD (receptor binding domain) at concentrations as high as those of severely ill COVID-19 patients, and they follow a similar time course. The paper also notes that the antibody response is IgG, not IgA or IgM. IgA and IgM antibodies produce a strong mucosal immune response needed for respiratory diseases, unlike IgG.

The spike protein of covid is mutating so fast that it is fundamentally undermining the neutralizing humoral immune response. Prior infection isn’t immunity, it’s a pre-existing condition.

When covid broke out, a number of virologists said that there would never be an effective vaccine because, as a corona virus, the spike protein would mutate too fast. That prediction has come to pass.

The virus duly mutated to become more virulent. When you have a virus with an R0 of 18 or whatever covid has at the moment, there’s no way to get that to drop to manageable levels via serological pressures alone. Life must be structured to prevent disease or the disease takes all.

Israel was an early vaccine adopter and by February this year it was found that 70-80% of patients in covid wards are vaccinated and the vaccine has “no significance regarding severe illness”. Vaccine failure is now becoming officially admitted.

Children were generally capable of resisting SARS-COV-2 infection. The reason for that is their strong innate immune response. The vaccines suppress the innate immune response, so populations that are fully vaccinated against this virus experience outbreaks unlike anything seen before. It seems that, upon infection, the vaccinated have a higher short term death rate than the unvaccinated. But this is not for a good reason. The immune system is erased by the vaccine and is unable to mount a proper response, thus reducing the cytokine storms caused by immune system overreaction. This is not ideal for the long term.

Taking the vaccine was a bad deal for most. The promise was:

  • You take a covid vaccine.
  • Side effects are rare.
  • You never get covid.

The reality proved to be otherwise:

  • You take a covid vaccine.
  • Side effects are not rare.
  • Your immune system is erased and reprogrammed.
  • You need a booster.
  • After three doses of vaccine spike protein, you get covid.
  • In two months you get covid again.
  • Ad infinitum

All this is reflected in the Twitter feeds of covid survivors. And surprised that they were infected after vaccination.


The myth that children are largely unaffected by covid will be slow to die. In the interim, this study found that “While morphological pathologies were less frequent in children, functional LF-MRI visualized widespread ventilation, perfusion and combined ventilation/perfusion defects compared to healthy controls.”

After infection with covid, children tend to be asymptomatic and appear to be fine for eight to ten weeks then develop a serious multi-infammatory problem which can be life-threatening.


In a Malaysian study which gave a five day oral course of ivermectin after admission to hospital, the proportion of patients going on ventilator fell from 23.3% to 7.7%, with deaths falling by 70%.

In a study comparing ivermectin to remdesivir, use of ivermectin produced a 70% reduction in deaths relative to remdesivir.  Ivermectin is not a complete silver bullet but it is the best thing we have so far.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is also a covid inhibitor, which it does with a quite useful IC50 of 315 ng/ml. Like ivermectin, CBD is a benign molecule with an 18 hour half life in the body. It tackles covid by a different pathway to that used by ivermectin.

What is going to happen

China is possibly the only country using good scientific advice on covid. Also possibly Taiwan. Taiwan has kept covid largely under control using non-pharmaceutical intervention, which means proper use of masks that actually work.

A lot of countries follow guidance from the US, on the basis that the US does it best in most fields of endeavour, seemingly without realising that the FDA has been captured by Big Pharma and that the US National Institutes of Health coordinated the creation of the virus.

Because vaccination failed, the health authorities of western countries are too embarrassed to admit failure and go to anti-virals to control the disease. They would rather have people die than admit they chose poorly. This Twitter feed provides a more succinct summary of disease effects than the above and includes these lines:

Behind the scenes, all of this is acknowledged. Researchers, including at NIH, have acknowledged a likely wave of early onset dementia. The WHO & CDC meet with patients regularly & acknowledge the severity & future consequences.

The public has been exhausted firstly by the useless lockdowns and then by the mandatory vaccinations. The public will eventually become livid when they find out that vaccination has made them more prone to infection, while simultaneously lowering their resistance to cancer and other maladies. But that day is not here yet.

In the United States there is a political divide on covid. Only the far left now take the disease seriously, and wear masks in public as a matter of course. The right has been gaslighted that covid is actually only the common cold, and don’t take precautions against contracting the disease.

Unfortunately one of the main contenders for the 2024 Republican nomination, Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, has been prominent in promoting the idea that masks should not be worn in public. The anti (effective) maskers are no different from the peasants who demanded that John Snow put the handle back on the Broad Street pump. Thus the right in the US are generating images like this:

An anecdote from Mississippi:

Darwin weeds stupid with a slow but incredibly fine toothed rake…the greater majority of them won’t live to be ancestors.  Most of the kids we know have had it at least twice now.  Probably more as kids don’t usually have noticeable symptoms…ba2 seems to be presenting as ‘stomach flu’…

How many times will we expose our kids before we realise how much damage has been done to them? Covid is where infectious disease meets compound interest.

The covid world has high morbidity, high mortality, lower life-expectancy and mass disability down our throats. How many years until most people are either dead from repetitive infection or so infirm they may as well be? People should be asking themselves:

If Covid is around for the next 20 years, what is my 20-year Covid risk of neurodegeneration, extreme fatigue, loss of loved ones, chronic pain, ICU or death?

Civilization is now in a death dive, which it may not pull out of in time to avert collapse. Just as the first resistance to mandatory vaccination was from ambulance drivers being called to heart attacks of the just-vaccinated, it may be that Australians start to realise that we can’t live with covid when their loved ones and friends start falling beside the wayside from long-covid.

Eventually employers, if allowed to, will start discriminating against the vaccinated because these people will be taking far more sick leave than the unvaccinated, as well as being less productive due to brain fog and lethargy as a consequence of their higher rate of infection.

What To Do

  1. Stop vaccination immediately.
  2. The Australian Government should offer free, three monthly blood tests which will test for levels of the following:
    • D-dimer
    • Vitamin D
    • Selenium
    • Zinc

D-dimer is a marker for thrombosis. Covid tends to cause micro-clotting in the bloodstream. The D-dimer level will indicate if the individual needs to go on a thrombolytic.

Vitamin D is strongly protective against viral replication. The vitamin D level in the blood should be around 50 ng/ml. Actually there aren’t that many people in Australia who are vitamin D deficient, but the cost/benefit of testing and supplementing is positive.

Selenium and zinc also inhibit viral replication.

The Australian government should also make up personalised capsules based on the blood test results, like a compounding chemist but on a national scale. At the moment, taking precautions against covid through supplements means taking half a dozen capsules per day which is suboptimal for compliance.

As well as vitamin D, selenium and zinc, the capsules will contain quercetin and ivermectin at the rate of 0.4 mg per kg of body weight. Amongst other things, quercetin is a zinc ionophore which increases the intracellular zinc level.

This supplementation scheme won’t wipe out covid but will significantly reduce the viral load and infectivity, in turn making eradication easier.

  1. Adopt a zero covid policy. The way to return to normal is to eliminate covid. Then we could dispense with the use of masks etc.
  2. Ensure that all the pharmaceuticals, masks and everything else necessary to the task are made in Australia.
  3. Start three institutes for studying covid and the best ways to eradicate it. If we only started one, there is the danger of it being led by a non-productive individual. Most of the chief health officers in Australia have proven themselves to be incompetent and uninquisitive, if not evil and stupid — including one that cackled on about being in ‘a new world order’. We don’t want one of those sort of people running just one institute. If we have three, we can close down one occasionally due to lack of performance and start another one.


David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia