Covid: Vaccine Damage Accelerating

Covid: Vaccine Damage Accelerating

by David Archibald

26 February 2022


Two researchers have just published a paper on the vaccine fatality rate in the UK between 16th January, 2022 and 6th February, 2022. They found that the vaccinated have a higher death rate than the unvaccinated. Their abstract is worth reading in full:

As of 6 February 2022, based on publicly available official UK and US data, all age groups under 50 years old are at greater risk of fatality after receiving a COVID-19 inoculation than an unvaccinated person is at risk of a COVID-19 death.

All age groups under 80 years old have virtually no benefit from receiving a COVID-19 inoculation, and the younger ages incur significant risk.

This analysis is conservative because it ignores the fact that inoculation-induced adverse events such as thrombosis, myocarditis, Bell’s palsy, and other vaccine-induced injuries can lead to shortened life span. When one takes into consideration the fact that there is approximately a 90% decrease in risk of COVID-19 death if early treatment is provided to all symptomatic high-risk persons, one can only conclude that mandates of COVID-19 inoculations are ill-advised. Considering the emergence of antibody-resistant variants like Delta and Omicron, for most age groups COVID-19 vaccine inoculations result in higher death rates than COVID-19 does for the unvaccinated.

Spike protein damage is cumulative, whether from the vaccine or the virus itself. The vaccination you took in 2021 may contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s in 2040. There is no point in wasting too much time further on the subject of vaccination — it is a failed experiment. The vaccinated need ivermectin (which binds to spike protein) more than the unvaccinated, but harmless ivermectin is denied to them by government decree.

But what is interesting is that the position of the vaccinated has started to deteriorate again rapidly.  This graphic is based on the data from the UK Week 8 vaccination report:



In everyone over the age of 18, vaccination results in a higher infection rate than in the unvaccinated. In the 40 to 49 year old age group, it is now 3.3 times higher.

And this graphic shows a big deterioration over the last three weeks:



If this is due to immunological exhaustion, there is no telling where it will end up. What is needed now is the re-infection rates of the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. There have been numbers quoted showing a long period of immunity for the unvaccinated after infection. But there is no point in that immunity if you have a lot of system damage to get there, and you do.

Why do the vaccinated have a higher infection rate? The vaccines were developed against the original version of the virus that escaped from the lab. The immune systems of the vaccinated recognize the covid virus upon infection and make their antibody response; but the antibodies produced are for the original shape of the spike protein and not what it has mutated to now. This is ‘original antigenic sin’ and means that no vaccine that targets the spike protein can be effective against mutated versions.

Now it is true, for the moment, that the vaccinated with covid have a lower death rate from covid than the unvaccinated. But that is not for a good reason. The major cause of death in hospital from covid is the cytokine storm which is due to an over-reaction by the immune system. The immune systems of the vaccinated are weakened so that they no longer over-react to the inflammation caused by covid. Which in turn means that a wave of cancers in the vaccinated won’t be far behind. And all the other things that immuno-compromised people suffer from.


David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia