Covid: The Indian Experiment

Covid: The Indian Experiment

by David Archibald

24 July 2022


This is a tale of two Indian states, both alike in dignity, that used different control measures for covid.

We should be grateful for the people of Kerala, a state of 36 million souls, who, by electing a communist to rule over them, thus self-selected to be the control group in our experiment. Exactly the same as Australia, the government of Kerala banned the use of ivermectin and relied upon vaccination. The state of Uttar Pradesh, with a population of 238 million, instead chose to distribute ivermectin cheaply as a prophylactic.

These are the statistics for 21 Indian states as up to 22nd July:

Population Cases Deaths
million million
Uttar Pradesh 237.9 2.1 23,559
Maharashtra 123.1 8.03 148,000
Kerala 35.7 6.7 70,366
Karnataka 67.6 3.99 40,132
Tamil Nadu 77.8 3.53 38,032
Andhra Pradesh 53.9 2.33 14,733
West Bengal 99.6 2.08 21,307
Delhi 18.7 1.95 26,298
Odisha 46.4 1.3 9,130
Rajasthan 81 1.29 9,577
Gujarat 63.9 1.25 10,959
Chhattisgarh 29.4 1.16 14,055
Madhya Pradesh 85.4 1.05 10,747
Haryana 28.2 1.02 10,634
Bihar 124.8 0.841 12,277
Telangana 39.4 0.813 4,111
Punjab 30.1 0.77 17,800
Assam 35.6 0.734 8,012
Jammu and Kashmir 13.6 0.459 4,761
Uttarakhand 11.2 0.441 7,704
Jharkhand 38.6 0.439 5,327


And this is how they graph up. Firstly the chart of covid incidence in terms of cumulative cases to date divided by the province population:



What is immediately evident is that Uttar Pradesh’s covid incidence rate is one twenty-first that of Kerala. The difference in death rates is similar:



On a per million of population basis, Uttar Pradesh has one twentieth the covid death rate of our control group, Kerala. The next thing to look at is the case fatality rate:



The case fatality rate for covid is much the same throughout India at about 1%, as the disease’s designers intended.

Australia is currently experiencing 47,343 new covid cases per day and is up to 68 deaths per day with a rocket:



The results of the Indian experiment are in. We could have a much lower community disease burden if we switched from vaccination to ivermectin. But Australia’s covid policy is stuck on stupid and tens of thousands will die. In the interim there is the added burden of long covid. This anecdote from the US is instructive:

So the electrician came. He told me he had Covid three times and had brain fog. All power off to install new switches. Only it wasn’t all off. When I pointed this out he said “Oh. Good thing you checked” So remember this when dealing with people in the bold bright (stupid) future.

People with brain fog from long covid will attempt to do surgery, fly planes and drive trucks. It is going to get ugly.


David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia