There’s a hole in the wall …… story

There’s a hole in the wall …… story

by Chris Dawson

15 March 2021


On the US 2020 Presidential election, I suspect that those directly ‘in the know’ on the full scale of this CCP sponsored coup could be as few as a few thousand. Millions of useful idiots may not have been aware, but happily cheated because ‘orange man bad’ and the end justifies the means.

The tell is that the people of the Regime (Dems and RINOs) are genuinely scared of the deplorable army of US patriots. Hence both the Washington Wall and the mad rush to cement in place a non-MAGA one party unconstitutional state by any and all means as soon as possible.

So I wrote this song, which can go through your mind like the old circular song, there’s a hole in my bucket dear Liza, dear Liza, a hole


The Washington Wall protects the Regime of the Globalist UniParty and their Deep State minders.

The leaders of the Regime have reason to want protection.

They want protection because they are scared.

The consequences of what they’ve done and are doing, and what they are going to do, are frightening.

They don’t need intelligence reports or cosmic consciousness to tell them they should be scared.

They’re scared because their lies, grand election larceny and insane policies, are frightening patriots.

Their fear is born of direct guilt, or of being guilty of doing nothing, when they could’ve stopped it.

They could’ve stopped the treason, fraud and the destruction of the US Constitution and the republic.

Stop it they didn’t — and their fear is that they are few and that the 2nd amendment patriots are many.

They are not just using the Wall as a prop in the information war, they fear they need it for protection.

They need to suppress clear information and freedom of speech in general, so the treason stays hidden.

Their treason lies in working with powerful enemies, foreign & domestic, against the US Constitution.

Their industrial scale election fraud benefitted themselves and all the enemies of the USA.

The destruction of the US Constitution and the republic is the only thing between them and retribution.

The leaders of the Regime are useful idiots in the CCP’s Warfare Doctrine.

The CCP’s Unconstrained Warfare Doctrine has ensnared most of those inside the Washington Wall.

The CCP’s Unconstrained Warfare doctrine is now set to win their war with the US without a shot fired.

The leaders of the Regime are afraid the CCP’s new role will ‘trigger’ patriot working class deplorables.

The Washington Wall protects the Regime ….

Rinse and repeat dear Liza, dear Liza …… rinse and repeat dear Liza a hole …… in the story!