The Enemies of Civilization

The Enemies of Civilization

by Michael Darby

4 March 2017


George Orwell’s stunning novel “1984″ features an individual named Winston Smith who lives in Oceania, one of three super states which together control most of the world. War is constant, and Oceania is allied with Eastasia against Eurasia. In the middle of a propaganda broadcast the Ministry of Truth seamlessly changes enemies, reminding its listeners that Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.


Real life is about to become almost as strange as fiction. At the leading edge of the worldwide propaganda operation for the Global Warming Cult is AVAAZ, a major enemy of civilization with close affinity to other enemies of civilization including Greenpeace, GetUp! and George Soros.

In recent days AVAAZ has sprayed a propaganda burst to millions of email addresses. It begins:

Dear friends, Donald Trump has declared war on planet Earth.  He’s approving pipelines, firing up coal mines, and insiders say he’s got an Executive Order ready to pull the US out of the Paris climate agreement that is our best shot at a clean, safe future.

Nothing new so far, but give close attention to the next bit.

When it comes to climate, we can’t afford screw-ups like this. Our climate is delicate, unstable — the last ice age hit us in just 6 months. We’re not talking about storms or floods, but an apocalypse that threatens everything we love! THIS is what most scares scientists about climate change.

Wow! Eurasia has become Eastasia. The bogeyman is now defined as the threat of a new ice age, caused no doubt by those same wicked coal miners who have already killed off every polar bear on the Great Barrier Reef.


The problem for the enemies of civilization is that fewer and fewer people are now believing their lies. There is demonstrably no danger from rises in temperature nor in the level of the oceans. The world’s capacity to feed and clothe humanity has thankfully been boosted by a rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, probably as a result of gentle warming of the oceans more than from any anthropogenic cause. The lie must change. After all, the then inexpert propagandists tried the global cooling scare four and a half decades ago.

The now expert propagandists have passed through a transition period, during which the blame for every storm (and yes, even some earthquakes) has been attributed to carbon dioxide and to those same wicked coal miners who killed off every penguin in Greenland. The theme of the transition period has been that humans cause temperature instability. This stratagem has been preparing us for the major shift.

AVAAZ is testing the new line. If AVAAZ can keep its rivers of money flowing, then other branches of the internationalist propaganda machine will follow suit. Within a short time, the “certainty” of the “science” of global warming will have faded from memory.  The accepted propaganda line will be:

Human activity, especially the burning of fossil fuels and animal husbandry cause excessive atmospheric carbon dioxide which in turn causes climate instability which is now manifesting as the threat of severe global cooling.

The only solution, the only way to save the planet, by implementing internationalist controls upon all facets of human existence, because, after all, the science is settled. We have always warned about climate instability and the threat of an ice age.

The deniers are just as morally bankrupt as Holocaust deniers. They must be driven out of our universities and our parliaments and our media organizations and where possible jailed or even executed.


So back to the current propaganda from AVAAZ.  I’ll comment seriatim on the four cornerstone points of the AVAAZ “battle plan (to) neutralize Trump’s attack”.

  • Work with American mayors and local leaders to collectively honour the US’s commitments in Paris, even if Trump doesn’t.

This is a euphemism for civil disobedience, social strife and sabotage.

  • Build a huge campaign to eliminate $1 trillion in taxpayer subsidies for big oil and coal, and invest it instead in clean energy.

Taxpayer subsidies for oil and coal are a fiction, so follow the logic. The enemies of civilisation have long defined as subsidies those potential taxes and imposts which are not in fact collected. An example is the waiving of diesel fuel excise for the mining industry — the abolition of that wholly appropriate “diesel rebate” concession is a signature policy of the Australian Greens. So AVAAZ intends to invest in green energy the money obtained by abolishing a concession to an industry which under their policies will no longer exist. How could that brilliant plan possibly fail?

  • Pass laws in the top car-manufacturing countries requiring all new cars to be electric.

This is great. Before long we will all be required to retrofit electric motors to our FJ Holdens, 1965 Mustangs and 1985 Cadillac Sevilles. Can anyone, perhaps a ten-year-old, see any difficulties here? For the sake of readers who have not yet reached double figures I mention just three.

  1. Batteries use minerals and chemicals which cannot exist without mining.  Disposal of batteries at present usage is already a significant environmental problem.
  2. Electricity does not happen by magic. There is no possibility that in this century all the world’s electricity demand can be met without coal. Using an electric vehicle simply shifts the combustion and pollution somewhere else, and because of losses through transmission and other factors, generally more Kcals of fuel will be required than if the combustion were to take place in the motor vehicle.
  3. Yes, of course you can run a car on solar power, provided that your solar collectors are about thirty-six times the upper surface of the motor vehicle. As for powering motor vehicles with windmills, imagine the entire State of South Australia littered with stalled cars and trucks.

Get the world’s major companies and corporations to go 100% clean energy.

Here we have it. The end of the free market. The end of liberty. And very speedily the end of civilization. Do not underestimate the determination of the enemies of civilization. Do not underestimate their skills, their ruthlessness and their capacity to control politicians, journalists and educationalists.


Nuclear power station. After the anti-carbon media, many would assume that is dirty carbon going into the sky.

Finally, AVAAZ closes its service by sending around the collection plate.

If 10,000 of us donate just a small weekly donation, we can spend the next two years going all in on this plan and more — and make sure Trump won’t mean the end for planet Earth. Chip in a weekly donation to help humanity win our war for survival.

At the very least, taxation authorities should look very closely at AVAAZ and its ilk.

The geologist and defence analyst David Archibald (now a candidate in the Western Australian election), in a 2014 book named “The Twilight of Abundance“, warned that severe global cooling is much more likely than any harmful level of global warming. Nobody can be certain about what will happen to the climate. What we do know is that human beings are intelligent and adaptive. When allowed to act in the best interests of themselves and their families, as perceived by them, humans are capable of wonderful achievements.

In order to allow mankind to prepare for whatever unpleasant events may befall us, the best thing governments can do is keep out of the way. Allow individuals and corporations and voluntary organizations to prosper and flourish and build up the necessary wisdom, stocks, capital and infrastructure for survival in difficult times. That is of course exactly the opposite of what the enemies of civilization are demanding, and what too many of our politicians are rushing to implement.

Whether the world gets hotter, or (as I expect) colder, the people of the world are going to need more and cheaper energy to sustain their lifestyles and even to preserve their lives. A terrible crime against humanity is daily being committed by politicians who are deliberately making energy more scarce and more expensive.

Fifty-four years ago, a young fellow named Bob Dylan wrote a song that is relevant today.

Come gather around people
Wherever you roam
And admit that the waters
Around you have grown
And accept it that soon
You’ll be drenched to the bone
And if your breath to you is worth saving
Then you better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone
For the times they are a-changin’


There has never been a better time for good people to declare their belief that civilization is worth defending.  While the enemies of civilization are relentless in their assaults, we can beat them, and we shall.

David Archibald is Pauline Hanson’s One Nation candidate in Pilbara, a gigantic electorate which embraces Newman, Marble Bar, Port Hedland, South Hedland, Roebourne, Point Samson, Wickham and Karratha. And, of course, the Whim Creek Hotel. David is running against Brendon Grylls, the leader of the Nationals.


In major centers of the electorate of Pilbara, around one third of all houses are vacant.  The President of the Port Hedland Chamber of Commerce, Mr Jim Henneberry, told ABC journalist Claire Moodie: “In 2012, there were 35,000 people in this town, today there is less than 15,000 people. This town is on the brink of collapsing.”

Will Grylls be satisfied when half the houses are empty? By advocating a bad new tax of $4.75 per tonne on 78% of the State’s iron ore exports, Mr Grylls has become the first politician in history to promote a policy which will destroy the jobs of 3,000 people in his own electorate. Mr Grylls claims that his tax will raise $7bn over four years and claims the money is needed for paying off the State’s deficit.

But Mr Grylls’ party condones the appalling situation whereby Western Australia receives annually only $991 per head of population from the GST pool. The ACT, where the Federal bureaucrats live, gets $3,336 per head. The One Nation policy is for WA to receive at least 70% of GST collected in this State, rather than the current thirty something percent. The increase from GST justice for WA would exceed $2bn per year, more than Mr Grylls expects to get with his job-destroying tax on exported iron ore.