Terrorist scare in Stockholm today

Terrorist scare in Stockholm today

by Jaymez

21 August, 2017


We had a bit of a terrorist scare in Stockholm today. We were walking along a main thoroughfare when we heard an almighty explosive noise.

In the street ahead of me I saw two young women scream and grab each other. Some pedestrians walking across the road broke into a run heading away from where the noise came. One of our party just froze while another let out a scream. My heart missed a beat, but hurried ahead towards where the noise came from to try to ascertain if there was a threat and where it was coming from. I noted one of the two women clinging to each other had started to cry.

Fortunately it wasn’t what we all thought was a possibility, an Islamic terrorist attack. We never worked out what exactly happened but theorized a truck had backfired loudly in a tunnel which had increased and reverberated the volume we heard near the entrance to that tunnel.

The shame is that our first thought was an Islamic terrorist attack, and not because of some irrational fear created by the media, or alt-right or whoever else some may try to blame.

There have been at least three terrorist attacks in Europe while we have been holidaying here during July and August. Members of our group, including myself have in the past been in the vicinity of where those attacks took place.

There were recent serious terrorist attacks in London in places we visited while on this trip.

London Bridge attack, 2017

There was also an Islamic terrorist attack in Drottninggatan central Stockholm, which we strolled past yesterday wondering if all the concrete lion statues placed around pedestrian by-ways were a response to the attack.

That ISIS inspired attacker ploughed a truck into pedestrians killing four people and injuring 15, in April this year. Rakhmat Akilov, a failed asylum seeker from Uzbekistan, confessed to the crime.The 39-year-old admitted being a member of ISIS and told police investigators that he had “achieved what he set out to do”.

My understanding of Swedish law indicates he will spend a maximum of 18 years in the soft Swedish prison system supported by Swedish tax payers and probably helping radicalize other prisoners. We all wonder when these Islamic terrorist attacks will cease – if they ever will?

It really isn’t surprising that at the sound of a loud noise in a major European city some people flee, some scream, some freeze and some cry. Everyone’s heart skips a beat and everyone thinks it could be another Islamic terrorist attack.

Despite all this, we have politicians and left wing talking heads telling us that a fear of Islamic terrorism is irrational. There are others who post memes about how you are more likely to be killed falling out of bed than by a jihadist terrorist. This line may well be true, but the fact is, none of us have a reason to fear we will be killed falling out of bed. But we have been given very good reasons to believe we could be killed by Islamic terrorists as we go about our business, or holidays, or attend concerts, because it is happening with extreme regularity.

It won’t matter how many bollards we put up in our streets, we won’t feel safe and we wont be safe. They only serve to remind us that these Islamic terrorists have already radically changed the way we live.

Too many bollards is never enough

There are many politicians who are still chanting the propaganda that Islam is the religion of peace, while signing off on hundreds of millions of dollars on security measures. And they keep bending over backwards to accommodate the Muslims who do not want to assimilate into our Western society for fear of giving them reason to ‘become radicalized’ against Western society.

Politicians and lefty Islamic apologists are not going to allay the fears of normal citizens with their insincere and untruthful words or appeasement actions.

Our leaders need to publicly and clearly acknowledge the threat of Islamic fundamentalists. They need to acknowledge that Islam was created by a self proclaimed ‘last prophet’ who turned the preaching of tolerance and peace by Christianity’s Jesus Christ on its head.

Yes Mohammed was initially peaceful and tolerant in his attempts to create and convert a following in Mecca. Which is where the ‘peaceful’ quotes in the Koran come from. But his time in Medina, particularly the last two years prior to his death, abrogated those peaceful messages. Instead they were replaced with warrants for Muslims to subjugate or kill those who deny Allah as the one true God, and Mohammed as his last and perfect prophet. Mohammed called on all Muslims to continue the ‘struggle’ against all non-believers until there is a global caliphate.

Australian politicians should not be defending those Muslims who advocate Sharia law. Any migrant to Australia must have the potential to make a positive contribution to our society, not be a drain on it. They should not criticise the Western society they have chosen to live in, or the misogynistic practice of some Muslims including the wearing a burka or niqab, FGM, child bride promises, polygamy and other practices which conflict with the standards of freedom and equality enjoyed by other Australian residents.

I know there are plenty of Muslims who are peaceful, who do not live by the calls to violence which are in their Koran. But those Muslims have remained too quiet for too long, and only a brave few are advocating for the necessary reformation of Islam.

Our leaders should encourage those quiet, peaceful and hopefully majority Muslims to have the courage to speak out with other Australians against the fundamentalist Muslims. Western media should not be fast to accuse those who criticise Islam of being bigots or racists. Members of the media should also cease to make excuses for Islamic terrorism. They do this by often repeating or even endorsing the claims that terrorism is justified by the past or current policies and actions of Western governments. This only helps to confirm or encourage the actual or potential Islamic terrorists into believing their actions are justified. Our society, including Muslim Australians and residents, should reject fundamentalist Islam in all it’s forms.

We should all be proud of the freedoms we have in our Western society. Our leaders should not condone changes to Australian norms to accommodate Muslims or any religion. We should require all immigrants to assimilate into our society.

Freedom of religion is fundamental, but only to the point it doesn’t negatively impact on other citizens, and doesn’t impact on the rights of all citizens including those who happen to be Muslim, particularly girls and women.

To minimise the threat of radical Islam in our society, our leaders should cease to accept Muslims from countries which have any form of Sharia law unless the reason they are fleeing those countries is because they have rejected Sharia Law and are demonstrably being persecuted for it.

Someone who has been happily living under any form of Sharia law, is unlikely to be a good candidate for assimilation into our western society and values. We do not need to import more potential terrorists or their parents. I believe that all Western countries would do well to follow suit and in addition take the actions detailed below.

The right to retention of Australian residence or citizenship of Muslims should be reconsidered and even if it requires new legislation, if they have:

  • Shown they do not wish to assimilate, or who have demanded our society change to suit their religious or cultural beliefs
  • Protested violently against the legal publication of cartoons or films which portray Muhammad in a bad light, or mock Islam,
  • Are calling for any form of Sharia law,
  • Supported in any way a terrorist organization,
  • Encouraged or applauded fundamentalist and/or terrorist Islamic behavior,
  • Been granted refugee status under false pretenses.

Islam demo, Hyde Park, Sdyney 2012

Sydney 2012

Only by a positive and decisive approach to acknowledging the problem with Islamic fundamentalists will our leaders start to allay our fears about Islamic terrorism. They need to take the action necessary to reduce the possibility of importing more terrorism of the type which has been commonplace in Muslim countries for decades, and which is becoming commonplace in Western countries.

Installing countless bollards may serve to protect pedestrians in that particular location from rampant vehicles being used as weapons of terror, but they also serve to remind us of how invasive Islamic terrorism has become in Western society. Our leaders need to remove the threat, because there will always be easy, innocent targets for terrorists to attack.