Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern: No Nazis Under the Bed

Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern: No Nazis Under the Bed

by James Doogue

24 July, 2018


With few exceptions, the Australian mainstream media has been covering Canadian YouTube personalities Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern as ‘far-right’, ‘racists’, Islamophobic,  and ‘hate speech’ promoters. Protesters have added ‘fascists,’ as that seems to be the popular insult of the day for non-PC spokespersons.

Had any of those journalists bothered to attend one of the events, they would have been sorely disappointed. They would have had to break the news to the protestors who had tried to stop the events from proceeding — there were no fascists or racists on stage, just plenty of politically incorrect ideas. Alas, no KKK or ODESSA baby boomers.

On Sunday night I went to listen to Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux at the Perth Convention Centre. In the early news Channel 7 incorrectly claimed Lauren Southern was a self admitted racist and fascist (though they had trouble spelling the latter).

In the late news, Channel 7 had a reporter standing in front of a bunch of protesters at the Perth Convention Centre. They were shouting chants about racism and fascism, no doubt on cue for the camera. It was a tight shot in an attempt to make a couple of dozen people look like a crowd.

By the time I arrived at 7.30 pm, the protestors were nowhere to be seen. So the protest was for the media, and the media duly gave the impression of lots of protestors. The media declined to cover the contents of the talk, but just broadcast the protestor’s false version of what it was about. Channel 7 viewers were thus misinformed about what happened. What sort of name does one give to this sort of lying? Is “propaganda” too strong?

Lauren Southern started the event, competently and confidently, with a list of outrageous lies that have been told about her in the Australian media.

Lauren Southern at the Perth Convention Centre on Sunday

She then delivered a cogent presentation on multiculturalism. Interestingly, she used the Prime Minister’s statement claiming that Australia is a multicultural society of ‘shared values, freedom, equality and the rule of law’. No Mr Prime Minister, that’s one culture.

Southern pointed out that different cultures have different values, so a multicultural society will not have shared values. They often differ in religious beliefs, work ethic, treatment and role of genders, tolerance towards other groups or cultures, on the value of free speech, and so on.

The only culture which categorically accepts freedom, equality, and the rule of law is Western Civilization. Only one culture developed and promotes this package. It certainly doesn’t describe African, Middle East and most Asian cultures, where many of our current immigrants come from.

Most immigrants are attracted to Australia because of our culture. They don’t want to be part of a multicultural society where they remain in their own enclaves and retain the culture they left behind.

Assimilation is what we should encourage, rather than facilitate retaining the culture in their old country. If they are not happy with assimilating to Australian culture, why did they come? Unless of course it is their intention to impose their culture upon Australians.

Stefan Molyneux is an historian, thespian, and software entrepreneur. His was a relaxed, articulate, humorous, and knowledgeable presentation — an excellent entertainer.

Stefan Molyneux

He talked about ‘the noble savage,’ a literary stock character who embodies the concept of the indigene — an outsider, a wild human, who has not been “corrupted” by civilization, and therefore symbolizes humanity’s innate goodness. Oh what a fantasy.

Over 50,000 years Australian Aboriginal culture didn’t develop a written language, an historical record, agriculture, animal husbandry, the wheel, or two-story houses, and only rose to the most primitive understanding of the world.

This wasn’t due to a lack of need because they lived in a bountiful environment. On the contrary, most Aboriginal people lived in relatively harsh environments with frequent food shortages severe enough to stunt the growth of children (it’s in the archeological record). They could have done with more innovations, like better agriculture and animal husbandry.

Infanticide and abortion were also very common. Molyneux suggested that prior to 1788 between 30% – 50% of children died, through malnutrition, disease, injury or infanticide. Meanwhile the so-called Stolen Generation concerned about 6% of children who were taken into State care because of neglect, abandonment or poverty — the same reasons non-Aboriginal children were placed into state care.

He also addressed what he called myths about the deliberate introduction of smallpox, the mass murder of thousands of Aboriginal people, and slavery. As an historian he went looking for the evidence and found there wasn’t any. Stories had turned into fact without supporting evidence, and he gave examples.

All of this background has been used by the Aboriginal industry, just like in Canada he said, to create guilt in the non-Aboriginal population — which results in an increased flow of money and material benefits to Aboriginal people without work.

More than $40,000 a year is spent by governments per indigenous Australian, which is about twice the Government expenditure on non-indigenous Australians.

Molyneux said this guilt money is not helping Australian indigenous people. Once you take away the need to support yourself, you become lazy and less capable of supporting yourself — like an unused muscle which has atrophied.

Western civilization, he pointed out, far more than any other culture in the last few hundred years, has lead the world in scientific development, reduction of poverty, freedom of religion, speech and political affiliation, equality under the law, the rule of law, and the abolition of slavery.

Clearly Western civilization has outperformed other cultures in these respects. Which of course is why migrants have moved in their millions from other cultures to Western civilizations, not the other way around. Yet somehow certain political activists have taught us to be guilty about the color of our skin and the superiority of our civilization.

Molyneux urged us to push back against this imposed guilt. How could we be responsible for something done generations ago, not by us? We can neither bask in the glories of our ancestors, nor be guilty because a few of our forebears did bad things. He said there is more to admire about Western civilization compared to any other, and we should fight to preserve it.

Then followed nearly an hour of Q&A, then book signings and selfies.

I thought the presentations were well thought through, neither racist nor fascist. I asked one black woman in attendance after the show if she had felt any of the content was racist. She didn’t.

Compare the evening with the many left-leaning speakers who talk freely against Western civilization and promote failed systems like socialism, communism, or even Sharia law. Those speakers go un-harassed by violent protestors and un-verballed by the mainstream media.

A large crowd of attendees gave both speakers a standing ovation.

Well done to the Australian Conservatives Party, whose members helped run and organize the event.