Poland Should Counterattack

Poland Should Counterattack

by David Archibald

21 January 2022


Not against Belorussia — that would would be as pointless as the Belorussian provocation. Poland should attack the entity that hates Poland more than anyone else on the planet. That would be the EU. The EU hates Poland because it refuses to degrade itself with Muslim migrants as per EU requirements and wants to preserve its national character.

Poland should attack the EU’s religion, which is global warming. Not that Poland is without fault. It has been complicit in the lie of global warming by being silent on something that is so easily disproved by basic physics. Carbon dioxide can’t have caused the warming of the last 50 years. It is tuckered out as a greenhouse gas. The slight warming we have enjoyed is better explained by the burst of higher solar activity of that period.

Every lie we live with degrades us, and global warming is a lie. One dictum from Professor Michael Porter is that our standard of living is driven by the  standards we demand of ourselves and those we deal with. All this is exemplified by Germany. Germany had a high standard of living due to its high manufacturing standards, which meant that German goods had quality and so were sought after. But now Germany worships at the alter of global warming and is sacrificing its industrial competitiveness on that altar.

The Polish Government should hold an inquiry into the science of global warming, which will find that higher atmospheric carbon dioxide levels will cause near-zero warming and are wholly beneficial. Then publish the results of that inquiry in languages the rest of Europe can understand — online and in printed media. The reaction from the EU will be a primal scream. Poland will start getting respect instead of derision from the EU. Maybe the EU will back off from attacking Poland, or it could be a fight to the death. It doesn’t matter. This is something Poland has to do, or otherwise it will have a slow and ignominious death.

Poland should also plan for its long term energy supply. In short, the high standard of living that the world has enjoyed from the mid-20th century was due to an abundance of oil and coal. Peak oil production is now in the rear vision mirror, obscured by the US tight oil boom and the covid disruptions. Production of liquid fuels for transport and agriculture will shift to the hydrogenation of coal and biomass.

Poland still has some coal reserves left. These are too precious to be consumed for power generation. Because when the coal runs out, biomass from forests and wheat stubble will be used for the liquid fuel feedstock. What will power all this is nuclear energy, though not from water-cooled reactors burning U235. It will be plutonium breeder reactors, which are inherently safer, cleaner and more than 100 times more efficient in utilising the world’s uranium endowment.

Russia has been successfully operating plutonium breeder reactors for decades. Attempts to develop this technology in the West have been shut down by self-loathing environmentalists, because they realise how liberating cheap, safe nuclear power will be. The standard of living of our grandchildren and beyond will depend on the full cycle operating cost of plutonium breeder reactors. If that technology fulfills its promise of power at $0.06 per kWh, then things will be ok.

The sooner that technology is developed, the safer we will be. And the countries that develop it first will have a substantial geopolitical advantage.

A Polish industry making nuclear power stations could be combined with Poland’s shipping industry to make barge-mounted power plants to be leased around the world. This is well within Poland’s means to achieve. Poland’s population is two thirds the size of France’s, a country with a substantial nuclear power base, and Poland can access all the advances in material science and electronics of the last 30 years.

There is one more thing that Poland should do make itself and the world safer, freer and more prosperous. This is to commit, upon Russia being attacked by China, a mechanised division to the defence of Russia. China has territorial ambitions on all its neighbours and is the greatest threat to world peace. Russia understands that Chinese territorial ambitions, for example over Vladivostok, are not being actively pursued but are merely in abeyance.

China’s long term ambition is to subsume all Russian territory east of the Urals. Edward Luttwak has called China an autistic power. That is being too charitable — it is more of a psychopath. It feels the need to be constantly attacking other countries. At the moment it is building up its forces on its border with India for a summer offensive.

To put this into context, the same people who kept the United States in Afghanistan for 20 years are still in charge. The same people whose strategy to justify that was “Fight them there so we don’t have to fight them here” need a new chew-toy to play with. Ukraine is the new Afghanistan.

Standard strategy on the Eurasian land mass is to ally with the No 2 power to thwart the No 1 power. This means making an ally of Russia to thwart China. Going all out to antagonize Russia means more US dead in the war of China’s choosing. If the State Department was run by Chinese agents, they couldn’t have achieved a better result for China than what the State Department is currently doing.

Poland should commit that division for itself and for Western Civilisation. It won’t be the first time that Poland has saved Western Civilisation. In the Siege of Vienna in 1683, Polish King John Sobieski led 23,000 troops, a division-sized force, to win the battle against the Ottoman invaders.

Europe was saved, and everything flowed from that, including the United States. History can repeat in a good way if you learn its lessons. Poland can be a beacon of light as darkness by renewables descends over Europe.


David Archibald is the author of American Gripen: The Solution to the F-35 Nightmare