Observations on the Recent Election in Australia

Observations on the Recent Election in Australia

by David Archibald

19 May 2019


Projection is a psychological term for the tendency to accuse others of something you have been doing yourself. Thus, the Democrats in the US accused the Trump campaign of colluding with Russia when they had been doing precisely that for generations.

It seems that in the early 1970s the KGB dreamed big about capturing the US presidency. In 1974 a West German teenager straight out of high school by the name of Rainer Baake was dispatched to Chicago to be a community organiser, for four years. Herr Baake was rewarded later by being made Environment Minister in Frau Merkel’s government. Frau Merkel herself is the fruit of an East German intelligence influence operation.

Obama’s turn at community organizing in Chicago began in 1985. He became president 36 years after young Rainer arrived in the windy city.  And promptly started doing his mischief in reducing the size of the American economy through climate regulations.

The left/deep state have a successful record in capturing the legislature in other countries, and a demonstrated ability to plan well ahead. It is a cost-effective way of achieving their aims so they will keep doing it.

Which brings us to the seat of Curtin, in the recent elections in Australia. The incumbent in that seat, Julie Bishop, was one of five childless female lawyers that the Liberal Party of Western Australia sent to Canberra in the last parliament. Her career prior to that had been as a rainmaker in a law firm in Perth; her role was to take clients to lunch in order to get their business. The only intelligence detectable in Ms Bishop was a bit of rat cunning. Her utterances to the faithful at party meetings were utterly vapid. She eventually rose to the position of foreign minister in the last government.

It was no surprise that, in a leadership ballot to replace Turnbull, none of her parliamentary colleagues from WA voted for her. After all, they had been traveling to and from Canberra with her for years, sharing the Qantas Chairman’s lounge and so on. They would have known her better than anyone else on the planet, and knew that she was unfit to lead the country, if not simply repellent company.

In a hissy fit at not having anyone from WA vote for her, she resigned as Foreign Minister. Which led to speculation that she would vacate the seat of Curtin at the next election. After prevaricating for a while Ms Bishop eventually confirmed that she would step down. Which meant that the Black Hand dinner, for leftie Liberal MPs on the day that parliament resumes, would need a new convenor.

Ms Bishop backed Erin Watson-Lynn in the Liberal preselection for for Curtin. Ms Watson-Lynn had been a ‘non-Liberal’ as recently as 2013 but joined the party in 2015 while she was living in Melbourne. In January 2019 she moved to Perth and started with a US State Department outfit called the Perth USAsia Centre. The stated purpose of that center is to promote US-Australian relations to counter Chinese encroachment.

The US government has a reputation of being right wing and militaristic, when the opposite is actually true. Consider that in recent years a communist (Brennan) has run the CIA, a bloke who voted communist in the early 1980s (Comey) has run the FBI, and a bloke who was all in favor of trannies in the military (Mattis) headed the Department of Defense. The State Department is no different, with the bulk of their diplomats indoctrinated in leftist groupthink at Georgetown University in Washington.

Ms Watson-Lynn was described as a foreign policy expert, but searching the internet for any of er publications in any field produces a zero result. Is it possible Ms Watson-Lynn was moved by the US State Department from Melbourne to Perth in anticipation of the Liberal preselection battle for Curtin? What would you think of an employee you moved interstate who was prepared to dump you almost immediately afterwards for another role? Unless that was what she was expected to do.

Ms Watson-Lynn received one vote in preselection, which was won by a university administrator, Celia Hammond. So the left lost its preferred way of gaining control -– having a leftie endorsed by an avowedly conservative party. And then an “independent Liberal”, by the name of Louise Stewart, suddenly appeared as the preferred candidate of the left in the general election. The left plans ahead and has plenty of money, so they had a contingency plan in case their first candidate fell by the wayside.

Ms Stewart gained no traction, and Celia Hammond romped home in the election. Ms Bishop was notable for her absence from the Liberal campaign, until the last few days of the election when she made sure she was photographed in the company of Scott Morrison. This was the first tangible sign that the Liberals were going to win. Ms Bishop loathes Scott Morrison and much prefers the company of Malcolm Turnbull, but would be angling for a job post-election. Something more than Ambassador for Women and Girls that Sophie Mirabella was awarded after losing the seat of Indi.

Joe Hockey is stepping down as Australia’s Ambassador to the United States. Ms Bishop would be after that role. Expect a chorus of voices saying how wonderful she would be at it. And Morrison may be stupid enough to give it to her.

The setup that led to the unexpected Liberal win on Saturday was Malcolm Turnbull taking the Liberals to the left. This allowed Labor to go further left to keep getting Greens preferences. Shorten then accessed his inner Lenin and decided to massacre the kulaks — retirees who had saved for their retirement. Plus a whole lot of other taxes. The media didn’t attack Labor, and this lulled Labor into a false sense of security. In the end, in the privacy of the polling booth, the kulaks decided that they would rather not spend the rest of their days in abject poverty. So Shorten’s attempt to impose a workers’ and peasants’ collective came to naught.

And the country will drift on for another three years or until a cathartic event disrupts the lotus-eating.

The inept simpleton Tony Abbott has been replaced as the member for Warringah by a global warming loon. In early 2007 in a newspaper article, he complained that, after living on a minister’s salary, he could not adjust his lifestyle downwards to live on a backbencher’s salary. That newspaper article predicted his style as prime minister –- no fiscal probity and the nation’s debt blew out. He betrayed his base.

Similarly, with Mr Morrison, there is a newspaper article from 2011 that is very telling. Morrison was delighted to go walking through the jungles of Borneo in the company of Rob Oakeshott, who would have been as loony then as he is now, and Jason Clare, of unquantified looniness apart from being a global warming believer as Labor MPs are required to be. Mr Morrison is Prime Minister because he wasn’t Peter Dutton, when the left needed to find a replacement for Malcolm Turnbull. Don’t expect great things of him.

Scott Morrison, Rob Oakeshott, Jason Clare on the trail of vapid conversation, Borneo 2011

A lot of those leftie Liberal MPs have now left parliament, retiring voluntarily to get their pensions early.  The future of the country depends upon the quality of the new crop that replaced them.


David Archibald is author of American Gripen: The Solution to the F-35 Nightmare